Box Monster Refills


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You're monster is trapped in it's box. Get these refills to unleash the beast.

You'll need to own the Box Monster DVD in order to take advantage of the refill packages.

Box Monster refills extend the life of an incredible effect. Get these now and have a backup ready anytime. Check out Box Monster now!

Customer Reviews

  • by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    Box Monster is one of my favorite tricks. Make sure you get plenty of refills so you can do this trick over and over and over again!

  • by rene cuellar

    Jan 2013

    Been doing Monster as a closer for my close up act since the trick debuted, and is still is my last trick under my sleeve, this comes with enough *stuff* for a BUNCH of performances, you can not beat this price.

  • by Anthony Virelli

    Jan 2011

    If you own the DVD then you know what the refills are. Trust me when I say there is plenty. Had this for a while now and still not even close to running out!