Box of Seconds

Box of Seconds

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Customer Reviews

  • by Benjamin

    Sep 2017

    I love the box of seconds. It is a great deal for 15 decks and the box. I got a good variety of decks in mine, all of which were 100% usable. The most damage I saw was some damaged or wrinkled corners, but most blemishes were hard to notice. Plus, you basically get a playing card Christmas when you open the box, and who doesn't want that? This is probably my favorite thing on the site, and definitely worth it.

  • by Brian

    Jul 2017

    I had bought one box of seconds, and was extremely pleased. I received a few of the original kings, some red 1800 series cards, blue keepers, and a few other miscellaneous decks. Definitely will purchase another box of seconds when they are back in stock again. I also got the black club artifice box, in good condition with the except of the back of the box not being attached, but I just took a hot glue gun to the back to reattach it and it's like new now! Love this! Amazing deal!

  • by Zane

    Jun 2017

    I enjoyed the box of seconds. I never though I would get my hands on original kings since they aren't for sale anymore but they sent a brick of them which I enjoyed. They gave me a deck of Knights, Killer Bees, and a Shadow Masters Legacy edition as well. I would have got another box if there was a list of potential decks inside not just the picture of decks.