Box of Seconds

Box of Seconds
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15 Random Decks. Sometimes Including RARE Cards + FREE Storage box. (Box Normally $20)

The Ellusionist box of Seconds is an affordable indulgence in playing card history. Over the last 15 years of business, we've printed millions of playing cards. Through the printing, transport and manual handling of these decks, mistakes are inevitable, and to uphold quality here at E, we decided not to send these out. Donating them to charities, Magic Camps and allowing staff to take their pick from a shelf of them that's slowly been forgotten....until now.

If you're like us, and you go through a lot of decks, and if you want to experience a myriad of different designs that you've not bought before, then this Box Of Seconds is for you. Your purchase is a complete mystery, and consists of a random arrangement from the variety of decks we've printed, snuggly arranged inside a 15 deck storage box, normally sold for $20, but yours absolutely FREE.

Sleek and beautiful. Not all the Seconds are damaged, and 99.9% of defects with these cards are purely the cellophane or box. So if you're actually going to use the cards. Then you'll hardly notice the difference between these and a full price deck. Potential defects include:

1. No Cellophane.

2. Mis-aligned Box Artwork.

3. Damaged box corners.


Some of these potentially damaged decks include our RARE designs. Every box will contain at least 1 rare deck. Your package could include:

-Red arcane

- Orange hustlers

- Ltd white

- White wolf

- Rounders green

- Red hustlers

- Black dealers

- Absinthe v1

- Black revolvers

- Red revolvers

- Blue dealers

- Black artifice

- Black swe

Embrace the mystery. Get yours now.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of seconds, you're buying slightly damaged cards. There will be no refunds or exchanges on these products.

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  1. Summary

    Great value purchase for some nice cards. 13/15 decks only had box damage. 1 had a little corner damage on a few of the cards near a crumple in the box and the last had a decent amount of bend in the sides of the cards from what looked like it was smashed under something heavy. Got some rounders, gold revolvers, Gold Kings, Rockets, Gold Knights, Kittens, Sleepers, blue 1800s, Killer Bees, and what seemed to be a signed box of White rounders.
  2. Summary

    I love the box of seconds. It is a great deal for 15 decks and the box. I got a good variety of decks in mine, all of which were 100% usable. The most damage I saw was some damaged or wrinkled corners, but most blemishes were hard to notice. Plus, you basically get a playing card Christmas when you open the box, and who doesn't want that? This is probably my favorite thing on the site, and definitely worth it.
  3. Summary

    I had bought one box of seconds, and was extremely pleased. I received a few of the original kings, some red 1800 series cards, blue keepers, and a few other miscellaneous decks. Definitely will purchase another box of seconds when they are back in stock again. I also got the black club artifice box, in good condition with the except of the back of the box not being attached, but I just took a hot glue gun to the back to reattach it and it's like new now! Love this! Amazing deal!
  4. Summary

    I enjoyed the box of seconds. I never though I would get my hands on original kings since they aren't for sale anymore but they sent a brick of them which I enjoyed. They gave me a deck of Knights, Killer Bees, and a Shadow Masters Legacy edition as well. I would have got another box if there was a list of potential decks inside not just the picture of decks.
  5. Summary

    Included was 15 decks: 10 of which were original Kings in the gold box and of the other five decks, one is completely unusable due to the level of damage to the cards. In addition, the box is falling apart. I had high hopes but this was, unfortunately, a let down.
  6. Summary

    I've purchased 2 boxes and am always will pleased. It gives me plenty of decks to practice with and sometimes a chance to experience new decks that I just have not thought were interesting enough until I got them in my hands. Look forward to a new box every time they come available.
  7. Summary

    Hands down, best 60 bucks spent. And that says a lot. Nothing but quality from these guys.
  8. Summary

    Might as well be labelled "Box of mostly original 'Kings' decks", with a few other decks thrown in for 'variety'. It seems that the Kings deck gold tuck doesn't hold up very well, leading to lots of 'seconds'. I've tried this twice, in case the first was a fluke, but got mostly Kings both times. Never again!
  9. Summary

    In the past I received seconds from Ellusionist and was pleased. These are not perfect decks, but great for magicians working routines which will save some huge dollars. The cards they stated that could be included are all good handling decks......All my second might have had small dings, perhaps a cellophane wrapper not one or torn. A very good deal.
  10. Summary

    I don't usually leave reviews, but for this I have to.
    Let me tell you that this is the best bargain you could ever get. With what I received in my Box of Seconds, it would have cost me more than 130$ if I had purchased the 15 decks and the box separately. And for all of the decks, the damage was just either a slight crease on the box, or the cellophane being damaged; wich doesn't affect the cards at all.
    So 60$ for this is just a dream. Plus I got the Artifice Black Club Box, wich can't be bought on the store, so I've been lucky!
    All in all, get it if you can. Best 60 bucks you'll ever spend on E.