Box Stuff by Kostya Kimlat

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A mind-blowing medley of fast-paced sleights and hard-hitting magic.

Box Stuff comprises of 2 incredible routines that use your cards and the very box they came in.

This download isn't designed to fool you. It's designed to equip you with the sleights, timing, tips & techniques that helped make Kostya one of the BIGGEST names in magic.

Kostya has been a professional magician for over 20 years and injects jazz magic into his repertoire to keep it fun for himself as a performer.

Magic is supposed to be fun for both YOU & your audience.

These are live action effects. Quick little pieces you can break out at the bar, or standalone tricks you can perform for EVERY table at your next gig.

Stop neglecting your card box.
Download TODAY.

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  1. Summary

    Great buy explanation was well done the teaching for the control was the best out if the download learning that control helped me create my own new tricks must buy
  2. Summary

    This is a great piece of production. Kostya goes over all the sleights pretty solid and gives you a little subtleties that'll add to your magic if practiced. Is nice to see the way he shares his work . Don't throw these effects into your bag of effects until you have every part of them perfect. These little gems demand that courtesy. Take the time to perfect these gems guys/gals. It'll be worth your while, the teachings far out weigh the effects. Get this today.
  3. Summary

    Kostya's material is pure gold and this no exception. You don't only get the routine, but 4 extremely useful sleights and tips for misdirection and presentation.