Breach by Jeremy Bennett

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When Jeremy showed this to us live on webcam, we literally said, "Wait, what?" We saw no switches, no gimmickry, no duplicates and no funny stuff as in other coin in balloon effects. To top it off, it had a spectators signature on it.

A signed coin in balloon penetration this clean and fair should just be illegal in the laws of magic.

The first ever signed coin in balloon effect which does not require ruse, duplication or gimmickry.

Why put something through a balloon? By nature balloons are very fragile. The slightest puncture destroys them. So, when your spectators see a borrowed signed coin pass through the inflated wall of the balloon, well what do you think will happen?

The rules are simple:
1) Get a borrowed dime.
2) Get a spectators signature on it.
3) Pass it through the wall of an inflated balloon.
4) Hand it all out for inspection.
5) Amaze and enjoy.

• No switches, no duplicates
• Freely borrowed dime
• Signed on both sides by spectator
• Real coin, real balloon
• Perform Surrounded
• Coin in balloon is handed out as souvenir
• No sleight of hand required
• End perfectly clean
• Bonus handling included
• Running time: 52 min

"Jeremy has something special here, I've never seen or heard of anything like it" - Lee Asher, Top Pro
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  1. Summary

    Although I haven't performed it yet, I have a good feeling about it. I watched the video and he teaches a few different handlings of the effect. The way this works is actually surprising and there are no switches and really no sleight of hand and they're signed coin actually does end up in the balloon where its seen and heard bouncing around. A great effect for the money.
  2. Summary

    Unless you are performing in a subway or construction site, your specs will hear the air seep out. it is loud and irritating when the coin goes in. A rare miss.
  3. Summary

    The effect is very difficult and risky to perform for the first way he teaches it, and not that strong for the second one.
    However, if you master it, it looks exactly like the trailer, that clean and that magical, and it's true, it's impromptu.
    I'm just saying that in the same amount of time you spend on mastering it, you could learn and master 5 more effects.
    That's your choice.
  4. Summary

    Awesome effect! This is so simple to perform yet so powerful to the audience. this is an effect that I will be performing quite often
  5. Summary

    I performed this last night. It had great reactions. The crowd went wild and you end clean no matter what variation you use. Anytime and Anywhere type of effect. Highly recommend it
  6. Summary

    Clever method that no one will even dare to think that it's done that way, the alternate handling is not as cool to me and I feel that it takes something away from the effect..the video go into great detail and covers everything and more.
  7. Summary

    Good trick, bad explanation. He drags on the explanation, gets frustrating. Personally regret buying. 2/5
  8. BREACH is a mind blowing illusion

    breach is one amazing trick.
    Jeremy is a brilliant teacher and explains both methods VERY well and in much detail.
    he teaches 2 methods to breach the first method is very good but is a bit hard to do but once mastered is a very good illusion.
    the second method to breach is also a very good illusion and for me worked better, again Jeremy explains this very very well and puts lots of explanation into this. He does stress practice though which i agree it is not a trick where once looked at you can go perform it well you need to practice but over all Jeremy was a great teacher and this is a great trick. well done Ellusionist and Jeremy!!
  9. Breach is awesome!

    Breach is a very clever effect. I love the both handlings. The original method you can use a larger coin (not just a dime). I've done it with a quarter!

    Really good trick for birthdays or celebrations. Very visual and creates a souvenir (the second version). My wife's eyes fell out of her face when I performed it for her!

    Jeremy teaches like a zen buddhist monk. Great teacher and great tips. Low price too. Instant download, no shipping fees.
  10. The second time I played it back I figured it out. Or a version that works for me.

    When done well with the right conditions to the right audience it can have one hell of an inpact. Plus, they get thier 25 cents back as a keepsake. Cleaver.