Bullet Coin Through Bottle

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Matthew Mello and Nick V. created Bullet. A plastic bottle is shown unmistakeably empty, then a borrowed coin is SIGNED (if desired).
The coin is slapped against the bottom of the bottle and flys into the bottle like a... bullet.
It is possible to borrow the bottle, the coin, and perform a signed version of Bullet. All of this is taught in detail by acclaimed master Justin Miller.


There's nothing more to say about Bullet.  The reviews to your right speak for themselves.  Read all the comments people have made about Bullet by clicking READ MORE REVIEWS.

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  1. Summary


    - Well explained: This trick is very well explaned. He goes through every step in detail so it's easy to learn.
    - Versatile: Another good thing is that he explains other ways to perform the trick and you can combine them if desired. Some are easy to do, some needs more practice.
    - Impromptu: It requires almost no preparation and it's fairly impromptu.
    - Easy: It's easy to perform. Just be careful with angles.

    - Not really persuasive: Most people easily figure out that there was already something in there since they can't examine the bottle before the trick... So it's not mind blowing. Kids reacts better to this than adults do.
  2. Summary

    This is fairly impromptu, but not quite as much as they say. I'd say 90%. Justin goes over the handling and technique with your own coin or borrowed very very well. He explains everything in detail and helps take away your fear of being caught. Now there is a certain risk with everything but if you practice enough you can be very convincing. I think if you are trying to get into coins this would be a good first buy to help you have a very good effect to build your experience and confidence, and help you settle in.
  3. Summary

    Justin explains a number different ways to seemingly make make a coin go in a bottle when you have a borrowed coin or a borrowed bottle. He also has a scenario that uses a gimmick and goes over angles very well.