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Justin Miller is back with the definitive guide to sleeving, combining over 30 years of self-taught experience and knowledge. Justin Miller brings you the tools to becoming a master sleever, packing in three decades of tried and tested tips, tricks, and ideas into an extensive two-hour tutorial.


“It’s a secret assailant to murder your audience. That’s what sleeving is.

- Justin Miller.


We followed Justin Miller around the streets of Las Vegas for 4 days, capturing countless performances.

His movements and techniques were genius, but like all genius', his unconventional way of thinking has propelled him decades ahead of the rest of us.

Now he's going to share those secrets with YOU.




“Do you think I would go out there and use sleeving in my everyday life if I didn’t know it was the most powerful thing to use.” – Justin Miller


In BulletProof Sleeving, Justin will teach you his personal methods and techniques for making your sleeving buttery smooth and oh-so visual. 


You’ll have access to Justin’s complete theory on sleeving and 12 of his own unique routines that will leave any spectator’s jaw on the floor. 


The best part is, sleeving is an underused utility that YOU ALREADY OWN


  • Pen Vanishes/Switches: Learn how to vanish or switch a pen at a moment’s notice. Justin will teach you what pens to use and when to use them.
  • Muscle Pass to Sleeve: An underused move that takes your sleeving to the big leagues. You’ll hit your target 100% every time.
  • Sleeving a coin: Justin will take you through his technique for properly sleeving a coin, with bulletproof accuracy.
  • Coin Through Hand: Melt a coin through the palm of your hand. Unlike most magic, this is so clean you can instantly repeat it & NEVER get caught. 
  • Coins to Glass: A two-stage coin transpo where the coins appear in impossible places right in front of your spectators’ eyes.
  • Color Blind: A color-changing sharpie routine, that relies on sleight of hand, misdirection, sleeving and the secret we're about to teach you. Once mastered you have a killer effect in your back pocket at all times. (Or up your sleeve)
  • Ring in Sharpie: Turn a borrowed ring into a portal and slowly pull a sharpie out of the metal. All done in the spectators’ hands.
  • Brothers United: A coins across routine that cuts out the tricky sleight-of-hand and uses nothing but sleeving.
  • Sacagawea: Justin’s unique take on the classic Copper/Silver routine done with no gimmicks… Just sleeving. Leave those gaffs at home baby! 
  • Cards Across: No need for palming, this classic plot has been given the Bulletproof treatment. Justin uses nothing but Sleeving to re-distribute the dirty work and leave your spectators fried. 
  • Silver Dream Alternative Ending: A brand new climax to Justin’s first Ellusionist best seller (he's had a lot of them), Silver Dream, from 2006.
  • Bonus Features: Learn about Justin’s process, how he creates and why he loves sleeving with our bonus Q & A. Plus, see Justin in action on the streets of Las Vegas performing some of these face-melting effects.

Justin doesn’t just teach you how to sleeve. He teaches you when to sleeve, what to sleeve, what to wear when you’re sleeving, how to sleeve with your sleeves rolled up and every little detail he’s developed from doing these moves time and time again. 


Bulletproof Sleeving isn’t a guide for beginners, hobbyists or even professionals, this is for ANY magician that wants to add sleeving to their sets, or take their existing sleeving from bog-standard to Bulletproof. 


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  1. MJ

    Personally I'll have t disagree with some of the negative comments about this project. Justin has put out some great effects over the years and I'd say this is no exception. While I can agree with some of its production quality you can't fault it as much as some people have inside and outside of the ellusionist review page. The main premise of this lesson is that you already know about sleeving but you don't use it or don't know how to execute it properly, thus the "lack" of production or teaching. Justin's showing us he's way of sleeving and to be fair he does give some good advice on clothing and technique. The main issue with this is practice. I'll be honest and say that I'm not a master sleever nor will I'll be one tomorrow morning. In my opinion, just like any other magic trick or routines sleeving is something that should be thoroughly studied because it's not an easy task... and its something that I'd recommend learning from various sources, not just this project. The bulletproof sleeving project is another good addition to my collection of magic on the subject like Now you sleeve me and Bobo's modern coin magic and Rocos book on sleeving. There are many ways to sleeve that are used in certain situations, in short, there's no one way to sleeve, to me, the important thing is to learn it all and know when to use each technique.
  2. James

    Sadly, I have to agree with Nick's review on this. And I disagree with David's comment, as Nick was very fair. As Nick said, Justin's technique is great, and he has some fantastic ideas, but this was abysmally organized and little thought was given as to how to clearly teach the content.

    That being said, the content, if you muscle through it, has a lot of potential, which I plan on using. However, a 4 or 5 star rating requires a level of quality which this project, unfortunately, just does not have.
  3. Daniel

    i agree with the other negative reviews it isn't that good
  4. Summary

    I must say i was looking forward to this download but was pretty disappointed. I think the review left by Nick Cowles below hit it straight on the head.
  5. Summary

    I enjoy it when (E) decides to put out a real project. I'm not big on one trick wonders. This is a tool and it replaces an insane amount of gimmicks. Also f@ck off for trying to get your 5 seconds dogging Justin's work in a previous comment. I can't stand when a "magician" knocks a real worker. Good shit Justin
  6. garry

    Brilliant, great video, great demonstrations, and a lot of in depth explanations on how too by Justin Miller
  7. greg

    I’ve seen a few things within this project and a lot of the effects taught I use as a worker who performs 3-4 times a week at weddings, corporate, private events etc. Just with less of the sleeving techniques. The effects taught without the sleeving is worth the price alone!!!

    I decided to purchase the project to make sure I had an full understanding when it comes to sleeving as I’ve played around with it in the past but never really put the time in for live performances. After watching the entire project I can’t wait to get this in the real world!
    A must buy in my opinion
  8. Damian

    This was half-assed. Poorly organized, poorly planned and poorly executed. On the plus side, Miller’s good at sleeving, and he has some of his own thoughts about how it should be done, which are slightly different from previous works on the subject. But he’s not a good teacher, and therefore, although he has good technique, this project could, and really *should* have been so much better. In short, there are other resources for learning sleeving, which are far superior to this download.

    The video was casually shot at home, with one handheld camera, while standing in what looked like a small hallway. Although the video platform features a drop down menu that allows you to select specific parts of the video, there are no on-screen titles, and no graphics. A barebones project is acceptable, so long as the material is good and teaching clear. In the case of “Bulletproof Sleeving,” most of the time instead of just performing the effect, Miller would prefer to just talk about the handling. For instance, he would say something like “Here’s a great coins across routine. First I put a coin in this sleeve, then I show these other coins, and say ‘Do you know what these are?’ Then I drop this other coin out of my sleeve.” He never *actually* performed a good deal of the material presented! He just talked about how great it was, and then showed you the moves. I found this so frustrating, as I’m never sure if the effect actually looks magical, or is even deceptive. During his Coins to Glass, he introduces it by telling us how great it is, how it’s got a “wonderful coin under salt shaker moment”... um, spoiler alert? Then, as he loads the coin under the glass (not a salt shaker, as he said), he stops to explain what he’s doing. What good is teaching misdirection, if you don’t actually demonstrate it? In the end, I’m not convinced that these routines even work, as I haven’t had the pleasure of being fooled, or even watch his spectators get fooled. It’s worth pointing out here, that the ad copy states “We followed Justin Miller around the streets of Las Vegas for 4 days, capturing countless performances.” None of these performances were on the download.

    His “patter” is abysmal. As already mentioned, a lot of “Do you know what this is?” (The answers, “A sharpie” or “A quarter,” seemed to test spectator Brad’s patience, as it did mine.), instead of any kind of entertaining or clever presentation. Miller performs much of the material in profile, with his spectator. You can imagine how difficult it is to follow the performer, when he’s half turned away. Over-the-shoulder angles, as well as close-ups and maybe even slow-motion or added graphics would have helped. But that would have required a plan: a studio or a second camera, and editing-all things that apparently weren’t important to Miller for his “Hyper-Fueled Master’s Tutorial.”

    At one point, he mentions John Cornelius’ muscle-pass, and then stops mid-sentence to say RIP to Mr. Cornelius, and adds, “I originally wanted to dedicate this project to Cornelius...” To me, this comment, coming mid-video, and in fact, mid-thought, tells the whole story. This project was done without sufficient planning or scripting, and the result is a mess. Yes, you can learn some sleeving here, but I would recommend other tutorials, such as Expert Sleeving, by Carl Cloutier, or Johan Stahl’s Sleeveless Sleeving, both which are are great sources for learning sleeving.
  9. Justin

    I just want to thank you guys for supporting my crazy ideas and all my projects (over 33) with Elluisonist.com for the past 20 yrs.
    Sleeving is something I have been drawn to since I was 10 yrs old. Over 30 yrs of trial and error that I had to go thru to get to the effects and principles that I have created in my professional show life, to arrive we are now...BULLETPROOF! Again thank you so much! And if you have never taken part in the art of sleeving, THIS PROJECT IS FOR YOU! I want YOU to be comfortable with it and keep at it. The magic you can do TRULY looks like trick photography. It is what separates the wizards from the magi's:) Thank you again, I and the entire E team TRULY appreciate you.
    Justin Miller
  10. Charlie

    First of all, I love Justin Miller. He showed me this a while back at a convention, and I have been using it ever since. His teaching is incredible, and everything is explained perfectly. Whenever you buy one of his effects, you know that you will understand how to do the effect the first time after watching the video.
    The routines are incredible, and you can add in his sleeving ideas into whatever routine you want. For the price of 34.95, it is a steal. The vanish of the sharpie alone is worth the price. 100% recommend this download, it is definitely the best purchase I have made this year.