Burned taught by Brad Christian

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Spectator chooses a card, then thinks of the card. He draws a picture of the card on a slip of paper and folds the paper into quarters. The paper is burned to ashes. Performer takes the ashes and rubs them on his/her arm — the image of the card slowly and perfectly appears on the performer's forearm. Performed on television by Superstars!

Also know as Satan's Ashes. This effect's impact borders on paranormal.

Customer Reviews

  • by Nick Konyavsky

    Oct 2013

    Nice trick to perform for friends or family. I think it would be kind of a hard trick to do in the streets only because of what you need to do for it, but indoors or if you know you are going to be performing shortly, it is no problem.

  • by George Papadopoulos

    Jun 2013

    Brad is the best and he proves it in this video! Great teaching, great trick!