Card to Pocket by Daniel Madison

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The team was in Hollywood recently shooting a project and whether it was at our house or out on the street I watched DM perform this many times.

It truly is the first thing he pulls out when someone wants to see an effect.

The routine flows beautifully from one phase to the next and big, BIG reactions. I'm glad you have the opportunity to learn this from such a master. Remember that you may know a few moves that you see in the trailer but the key to such dynamic reactions is the psychology BEHIND the moves. This is what Daniel teaches so well and what you'll be getting when you purchase Card to Pocket.

Note from Brad

Daniel stands on the shoulders of giants to present the Madison Card to Pocket routine.

This is not only Daniel's 'goto' effect - it's both his opener and closer when he does perform it, simply because it's so powerful that nothing else can follow it.

A multiphase, modular routine, Daniel's teaching focuses on the psychology and framing of the effect to deliver a punch-to-the-throat performance each and every time. Much time is also spent on the nuances of the sleights used to address common mistakes in the card to pocket you may already perform.

Daniel leads his spectators on an unexpected journey with this routine, changing the way the card - or cards - appear each time, creating a cleaner and more impossible appearance with each phase.

Never again be at a loss when someone says 'show me something'. Shut them up with Madison's CTP.

Difficulty: Beginner.
Run Time: 19 minutes.
Format: Download.

Customer Reviews

  • by Johnie Stokes

    Sep 2016

    This trick rocks I have been doing card tricks since I was 6 years old it's a passion of mine madison did great with this trick

  • by Michael

    Jul 2016

    Card to pocket is probably one of my favorite magic purchases of all time! Not only is this trick super fun to perform, it will literally leave the spectator speechless. If you find it hard to understand any of the sleights, which is hard to believe, i'm sure you can learn any of them on YouTube. This is hands down a must have trick for any magician who loves deceiving & amazing people whilst using beautiful sleight of hand (unknowingly) right under their eyes! It will take some time to really get the routine down and must be practiced consistently to help grasp the proper timing and implementation of misdirection. The reward of knowing/performing this elegant routine is worth much more than the cost of it.

  • by Rudy Chacon

    Jul 2016

    his energy is good through the tutorial and the routine is well designed. I would only give the purchase 2 stars. It's in complete. The primary move is breezed over leaving the student to purchase another effect by Mr. Maddison. I realize he doesn't do this for fun and money makes the world go around but this would've been better had it been included with the Gambler's Cop download. I would have rather paid $19.95 for a complete product then feeling like I am being swindled in to purchasing another download.

    Really it's better to by the Gambler's Cop download and once you have that you could easily watch the performance of this act and put it all together. Save your money and purchase the Gamblers Cop. I don't say this to take away from Mr. Madison's ability I just think this product was poorly planned.