Cardistry by Daniel Madison

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When you put a deck of cards in Daniel Madison's hands, remarkable things happen.

We've collected 13 of those remarkable things into Cardistry by Daniel Madison. This is Daniel's personal journey with a deck of cards and the amazing acts they can be made to do. What better place to explore these underground moves than Alcatraz...

From the underground scene learn the spreads, flips, cuts, tosses, falls and PRODUCTIONS that Daniel uses day after day when a lasting impression is the only option.

In this collection you will learn:

  • Punch and Malice
  • Spite and Malice
  • 1114
  • Alpha Dog
  • Broken Fan
  • Cowboys
  • Downfall Fan
  • Launchpad
  • Return
  • Silencer
  • Single Stretch
  • Stone Mason
  • W

  • Learn Daniel's THINKING behind each move and why Daniel chose to do it this way. Add Daniel's personal Cardistry to your card work right now.
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    1. Summary

      The best 15 dollars ever spent. You get taught for 1 hour for that price.
    2. Summary

      The things about this download is he doesnt explain good. he pretty much just shows slowly how the flourishes are done, with little to no commentary. you must be very experienced in cardistry to make use of this download.
    3. Summary

      Awesome flourishes, pretty well explained, somoe of the will take a lot of practise.
    4. Summary

      Perfect for a beginner-moderate cardist. Some of the flourishes are quite tricky and have no audio to back up how to do them (looking at you cowboys) however this did not stop me from learning them. they are shot from multiple angles and with some practice will be mastered. This is by far one of my favorite purchases.
    5. Summary

      You can't ask for more here from Daniel Madison, it is hard to teach all those moves, but he does it very well. I'm very pleased because there are a lot of incredible moves that not many can do it. You will have to be patient, don't rush it, take it slow if you are a beginner, and once you learn the pattern, all you have to do is practice, practice. Once you master these moves, everyone will remember you for those incredible skills, and all that hard work will pay off. In conclusion all that I can say is buy it it's well worth it. Thanks DM for sharing this!
    6. Summary

      As with everything in cardistry, these moves are something you have to practice. Do not sit down and watch the whole thing at once. Consider this 13 seperate downloads. Practice each move until you can do it, move on to the next flourish etc. and then perfect them. All of these take time, but they're well worth it in the end. Explanation is good in my opinion.
    7. Summary

      It you're just getting into cardistry and are looking to buy this, I would not suggest. As experienced with cards as I am. Some of the moves can be very challenging. With that out of the way. The teaching has little talk through, but with all the different angles and how slow Daniel goes in the teachings. I trust with concentration it will pose little or no problem for anyone. The moves are gorgeous, elegant and flowing. It you're looking to make an impression. I would highly suggest this download. Once again a beautiful download by Daniel Madison.
    8. Summary

      These flourishes are great. You will need time to learn these though. You'll need to practice a lot, but there are some easy flourishes like Broken Fan, Silencer, and Punch and Malice. My favorite is Cowboys, but it's very difficult and there is no spoken instruction on it. You will have to go back and watch these moves many times to learn them, but you'll be very proud of yourself once you get it. I would suggest buying this download. The price isn't bad either for what you get.
    9. Summary

      I am a fan of Daniel Madison, but some of the flourishes aren't as in-depth as I had hoped. Other than that these are amazing flourishes and are very time consuming, but worth it. So if you don't have a very good social life and alot of free time practicing these flourishes will take away all that free time. Overall beautiful flourishes and great video
    10. Summary

      I was really excited about this download. When I got it I didnt really like it that much. It does teach good flourishes but daniel didnt go very indepth at all so it was quite hard to learn anything. If you are more advanced in flourishing then get it.