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I am Daniel Madison and this is my Cardistry series.

Over the coming weeks I'll be releasing a few downloads at a time from my cardistry repertoire. These are what I consider to be my personal signature flourishes and the only flourishes that I use to this day.

Expect aerial flourishes, revelations, simple and very difficult moves, all performed at Alcatraz and taught in precise detail at the Ellusionist HQ in San Francisco.

I am Daniel Madison, this is Cardistry...

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  1. Summary

    Great for experienced cardists but the lack of vocal explanations leaves something to be desired for the average performer. They are some excellent flourishes though.
  2. Summary

    The flourishes are great, and if you are willing you can learn them easy enough. The problem for me is that he doesn't teach them verbally, which is why this gets a 4 star instead of 5. For each flourish, there is a 15 second preface, and then you watch Daniel do it in slow motion twice for each flourish. It is very hard to follow at first, and you must keep pausing and unpausing while balancing cards in your hands. And there are little flourishes within these two flourishes that he spends no time on. I hope next time he breaks it down step by step and finger by finger. Then I will be learning from Daniel, not copying him in slow motion.
  3. Summary

    I thought that explanations were explained all the video does is show slow motion of D.M. Doing the flourishes. That being said if you are experienced enough to pick up on the subtleties of his moves these very hard moves can be very visually stunning. Great flourishes, not great explanations.
  4. Summary

    "Cardistry" looks amazing. The production values of the video quality are excellent. The "slow motion" and camera angles were also very well done.

    However, I think it would be extremely helpful if the magician could also explain where and when he's using main pressure points on the cards and hands, as this would give more useful insight to how to move the cards a all of the various angles without dropping them....although, as we know, dropping the cards is unavoidable during practice sessions, especially early on. Anyway, I thought this is may be helpful nevertheless

    Other than that, and the obvious need for many hours of practice required, this is a beautiful flourish, and especially effective when done with the "Four Cowboys" at the end. This nice touch gives a whole new dimension to the effect, bringing it beyond just another fancy looking flourish/ card shuffle.

  5. Summary

    This download was average. For $5.00 I expected actual teaching, instead of just watching him do it in slow motion. I don't know how people will expect to learn it when he performs things like revolution cuts. Luckily I was still able to learn it without his teaching.
  6. Summary

    Teaches so well
  7. Summary

    At first I was going to give this 4 stars because for the same reasons that a lot of other people did--there's no real explanation beyond seeing the moves done in slow motion, but the reality is that I was able to learn the moves anyway, so it got the job done. Now I have two awesome flourishes that just get better and better every day. Daniel Madison says in the video that the first flourish is fairly easy, while calling the second one of the hardest he's done, but honestly, I found them both to be pretty difficult, so expect to spend a lot of time on this. Definitely worth it for me.
  8. Summary

    looks awesome
  9. Summary

    One of the best cardistry teaching videos I've seen. Daniel is rock solid genious and an asset to the ellusionist team..
  10. Summary

    Cardistry is awesome but I really hope in the next one DM will explain step by step how to do the flourish like where your fingers should be placed.Overall its great