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Make a random CAT'S PAW appear between your hands to steal a borrowed coin.

This clawsome gag gets hilarious reactions and can be used to enhance your magic by providing a double 'WTF' moment in the middle of your magic. 

Comes complete with universally fitting gimmick + a special ball or yarn that the cat can steal.

Purrfect for every magician's pocket.

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The idea of using a finger puppet as a gag was first utilized from Paul Harris' book by Bob Farmer. Bob called it "The creation of life". 

Derek Dingle used Bob's gag to "explain" the vanish of a coin, and that routine appeared in one of the New York Coin Symposium books back in the 1980's.

Derek's routine was then popularized by Michael Ammar when he performed this feat on Letterman and renamed it 'Little Hand'. 

Since then Alex Ng, Kevin Ho, Roddy McGhie & Dave Bonsall all have their own work on this gag.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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  1. Rocco

    okay, let me get something straight. I'm a move monkey. if I can do something without a gimmick or gaff that's the way I'm going to do it; if I need a gimmick, it's not part of my routine. and that's what the catspaw is, a gimmick.
    however, I carry this with me everywhere! it's such a fun trick to perform and kids and adults love it alike. just the idea of having a little cat helping you out is cute and laughable. this is essentially a copy of the little hand but I find the cat/harry-gremlin idea to be much more imaginative so I opted to buy one of these. the only thing I've had trouble with is getting it into play. the gimmick fits great but is hard to get on your finger on the fly. I think if you opted for a harder thumptip-style interior it would make it easier to use. otherwise, this is totally worth the 10 dollars.
  2. Jeremiah

    I absolutely love this. Very simple and easy to walk away cleanly.
  3. chivikoko

    The cats paw is great..

  4. Summary

    Love the paw, hate the ball. Great idea and looks super good but, to me, it loses it's purpose when not preformed with the ball of yarn and you definitely won't be able to use it for long as the yarn unravels very easily.
  5. Summary

    The cats paw itself is pretty cool. Funny little things an gets good reactions. It fits my finger, albeit its a bit flimsy and comes off easily but that's kind of useful as well.

    The main problem is with the ball of yarn that started to unravel as soon as I took it out of the box. I've been trying to re-ball it for 30 minutes now and simply gave up. Still works great with a coin though, but the ball of yarn would have been an nice addition.

    Still worth the 10 bucks if you ask me.
  6. Summary

    Gimmick doesn’t fit any of my fingers. Even when I take out the extra stuffing. Very difficult to do with one hand. Don’t waste your money. Get the little hand
  7. Summary

    So I have a weekly table hopping gig and every now and again there will be kids so I picked this up expecting it would be good for kids. I was right this is great for kids. The downside is the ball of yarn given lasts approximately .07% of a second before it unravels. However I coincidentally had a small magnetic ball about the same shape and use that instead.
    All in all good product for the price, I would recommend getting it if your intended spectators are children. Just be weary that you will likely have to use some other magnetic object then the yarn that is supplied.
  8. Summary

    I freaking love this thing. I performed the trick to several of my friends and it gets a laugh every time. Definitely worth the $10 price tag.
  9. Summary

    This is Great for kids. You can use any small item that is magnetic.
    But my ball of yarn unraveled and is hard to roll it back up.
  10. Summary

    I can't even lie, I bought this for novelty's sake, but I find myself carrying and performing with it waaaaaaay more than I thought I would. For $10, you can't go wrong with such a great little quick trick.