Chasm by Justin Miller

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Could there be a more practical bill switching effect that happens in the spectator's hands? 

That was the question Justin Miller asked himself before he created his own bill change… 

Chasm is a DIY miracle
 that can be created and learned in minutes, you’ll be hitting the streets within an instant of downloading it.  

  • No Glue
  • No complicated “arts and crafts 
  • No Bill Cutting
  • Practically self-working

A deviously simple bill switch where four ones turn into a full stack of crisp hundred-dollar bills… Right in the spectator's HANDS.

Start learning now. 

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  1. Alcides

    Great trick, learned same day and fooled every last person!!! Handling is easy and clean up is simple
  2. Alcides

    I learned this trick the same day and love it!!! Easy to do, angles are easy to cover clean up is very clean, tho wish there was another clean up!
    The video also shows different ways to do the change which I like very much!! Justin Miller made this truck pretty much for beginners who wanna push themselves a lil more farther in my opinion and it's well done!!!!
  3. Joseph

    Sorry that I spent the $7. I was unimpressed with the preview video but I bought the download anyway. Effect is full of unnatural moves (that Justin Miller thinks are wonderful). I will stick with my bill switches.