Chess Guess by Chris Ramsay

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The 'Guess Which Hand' effect was popularized in 'Modern Coin Magic' in 1952.

Ever since it has become a staple in a hustlers arsenal.

With this fresh new twist, Chris Ramsay introduces Chess Guess. A which hand effect for hustlers.

In chess, the person who selects the white pawn gets maximum advantage before play... with Chess Guess you can pull off this feat with 100% accuracy.

- Works every time
- 100% accuracy
- Instantly repeatable

Chess Guess adds an element of familiarty to your performance by using a household game like Chess as your hook.

This customized gimmick is your entry level system to electronics in Mentalism. A surefire demonstration of mind-reading & magic.

Don't hate the player.

Get Chris Ramsay's Chess Guess TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by kieron

    Mar 2018

    Highly recommended it works. I had both on for 4 hours at a gig no problem. The band is just amazing it the best part of it looks like a band or a watch. For the price it’s a bargain.

  • by Christian

    Feb 2018

    But this, but beware...
    This trick truly has 100% accuracy and it is so awesome and fun to perform. Unfortunately, the chess guess that was originally sent to me was defective. Ellusionist took really good care of me to get me a new one which works flawlessly. This is worth every penny, but beware that some of them are defective.

  • by Gilbert

    Dec 2017

    The schematics of this trick is well thought out. Unfortunately, the actual production of the items is poorly made. I'm assuming due to mass production and trying to keep the cost as low as possible. My first chess guess broke while trying to "assemble" the items in preparation for performance. Customer support was able to send me a replacement, yet already I'm cautious with the items. $119 is a reasonable price for the prestige, but I feel the overall production of the trick could have been of better quality.