Chess Guess by Chris Ramsay


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The 'Guess Which Hand' effect was popularized in 'Modern Coin Magic' in 1952.

Ever since it has become a staple in a hustlers arsenal.

With this fresh new twist, Chris Ramsay introduces Chess Guess. A which hand effect for hustlers.

In chess, the person who selects the white pawn gets maximum advantage before play... with Chess Guess you can pull off this feat with 100% accuracy.

- Works every time
- 100% accuracy
- Instantly repeatable

Chess Guess adds an element of familiarty to your performance by using a household game like Chess as your hook.

This customized gimmick is your entry level system to electronics in Mentalism. A surefire demonstration of mind-reading & magic.

Don't hate the player.

Get Chris Ramsay's Chess Guess TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Haris

    Dec 2017

    Absolutely worth every dollar, great instructions and the gimmick itself is very well made. Great product from my bro Chris Ramsay.

  • by Miguel

    Dec 2017

    I finally got this product yesterday and performed it today. Ive never played chess in my life but the spectators never questioned "why the 2 pawns?" I got amazing results just from the basic which hand routine and then even better ones with the final prediction. This is a bit pricy but good magic is not cheap. Overall this is a great product and I don't regret buying this at all!!!!

  • by Desjan Magic

    Nov 2017

    Wow, great trick man! Chris Ramsay is awesome and unique on his style .