Chess Guess by Chris Ramsay

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The 'Guess Which Hand' effect was popularized in 'Modern Coin Magic' in 1952.

Ever since it has become a staple in a hustlers arsenal.

With this fresh new twist, Chris Ramsay introduces Chess Guess. A which hand effect for hustlers.

In chess, the person who selects the white pawn gets maximum advantage before play... with Chess Guess you can pull off this feat with 100% accuracy.

- Works every time
- 100% accuracy
- Instantly repeatable

Chess Guess adds an element of familiarty to your performance by using a household game like Chess as your hook.

This customized gimmick is your entry level system to electronics in Mentalism. A surefire demonstration of mind-reading & magic.

Don't hate the player.

Get Chris Ramsay's Chess Guess TODAY.

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  1. Summary

    Wow 5 stars all the way. I actually part of mine and Ellusionist responded quick and got me a replacement with zero hassle. I actually do a lil bit of a different presentation. I use 5 cups and let them put the pawn under any one and guess it 100% of the time . I fried my employees today and now they won’t leave me alone about it. If presented right you can really floor some people.
  2. Summary

    Team E really does care about their customers, I received a defective one last year when it was first announced. I contacted them this week (almost a year later) and the result that I got were overwhelming. They agreed to send me a replacement, I bet a lot of other companies wouldn't do this. You guys have earned my appreciation.
  3. Summary

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The electronics are extremely reliable. 10/10