For every dollar you spend at Ellusionist this holiday season, you'll earn 1 entry into our
Spend $3, get 3 entries, spend $30, get 30 entries, spend $300,get 300 entries,spend $3000, get 3000 entries, spend $30,000, get 30,000 entries, spend $300,000, get 300,000 entries, spend $3,000,000, get 3,000,000 entries, spend $30,000,000, get 30,000,000 entries.
This is your chance to win BIG

Each and every order over $1 (that's not a hard target to hit) will get access to Spectrum 2.0. A multi-effect download featuring 3 original tricks from our creative Team.

Geraint tips his unreleased method for transposing 26 cards with a spectators selection. (NO GIMMICKS)

Lloyd shows you how to create a slow-visual penetration of a real pencil through a borrowed bill.

Duane has not told us what trick he's teaching yet, but as the creator of Revive, Dimension and Stretch Cards, you can guarantee it'll be a stunner.

No Christmas morning coal here, just solid gold.

How it works + Prize Breakdown
Every dollar spent is one entry. All of these entries are pooled and drawn randomly using a random number generator, so everyone has a fair chance at winning.

Each prize will be drawn in order, from posters to our Grand Prize and the winners will be notified by January 30th 2019.

No wristbands, no lucky tickets to keep safe, it's all done automatically as you purchase.

Good luck and Happy Holidays.

25 Signed Posters
It’s rare to get the entire Ellusionist creative team in a room. In August we all got together and signed 50 of our iconic back design posters.
25 Lucky people will get the chance to win one of these for their wall.
Spectator Reaction Kit
Popularized by magician Matthew Knight, we've been collecting insane reaction footage for our trailers using nothing but a GoPro and a chest-mount. With this simple set-up you'll be on the right vantage point from the moment they pick a card.
The E Deck
Previously only given to E team members and no longer available for sale, these cards reach upwards of $30 per deck on ebay. 144 lucky Ellusionist supporters will have the chance to win the rarest deck at Ellusionist (144 decks up for grabs).
13" Macbook Pro
Perfectly spec’d and ready to shop our store, one lucky winner will walk away with a new Macbook Pro. Used by every memeber of the creative team here at Ellusionist, use this essential piece of kit to level up your overall magic game in 2019
Design Your Own Deck + A Full Gross When Printed
Actors dream of broadway, Athletes dream of standing at the highest point on the podium and magicians dream of having their name on their very own deck of cards.

One random winner will get to work with the legendary Oban Jones to design and develop a deck of cards for them. A limited run will be produced and our customers will be able to buy YOUR deck, with a full gross (144 decks) delivered for free to your doorstep. This will be your claim to fame.
For Terms & Conditions or for information how enter into the prize draw for free, please click here.