Chroma by Lloyd Barnes and Nicholas Lawrence

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Chroma is a versatile gaff that allows you to instantly print a card at your fingertips...with no cover.

Lloyd Barnes & Nicholas Lawrence have joined creative forces to take an under-used concept and update it for the modern day.

Each teaches their own unique handling's with this gimmick, allowing you to print cards, make signatures appear, stickers vanish and much much more.

- No flaps
- No folds
- No creases
- Use ANY cards, even Madison Blanks.

Everything you need to create this incredible gimmick is included in your specially constructed package.

We've thrown out all unnecessary packaging to make this more affordable than EVER to get to your door.

Get Chroma TODAY.

Format: Shippable materials & DVD Download
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 60 Minutes

** Credit Note: We would also like to extend a credit to James Curtin who also has similar work on the method to Chroma.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Scott

    Jan 2018

    I did post a bad review for this, but after taking this technique and adding things to it I found something that I been looking for!!

  • by Rocklyn

    Aug 2017

    Nice gimmick, well priced. Easy to make for most people however broke mine the first time using it :-(

  • by Ian

    May 2017

    Wow this product is the best magic trick ever! Everyone get this now. It's awesome, and while you're at it get some more magic things like Acme Hole by Lloyd Barnes or Solved. This website is awesome!