CIPHER by Will, Geraint & Lloyd


"Absolutely phenomenal..." - Michael Murray

Cipher is a swiss-army app for mentalism, hidden on your phone.

It allows you to reveal:

- Pin Codes
- Star Signs
- Birthdays
... Literally ANY Significant Numbers 

Undoubtably the best mentalism effects you can perform are the classic Number Force, a pin reveal and guessing a strangers star sign.

This digital peek pad allows you to get all this information and more in one easy step. For the fairest performance imaginable.

- No anagrams
- No memory work
- Instant Reset

"They said the day would come when machines would overtake people - That day is today. This is fast and hard hitting."
- Peter Turner

Created by Ellusionist's genius coder Will Jones ( Half man, half binary) along with Geraint Clarke & Lloyd Barnes; this incredible tool will elevate your mentalism with an organic prop you have on you at all times... your phone.

Perform any time, anywhere as one jaw-dropping routine, or use this to get multiple steps ahead of your spectator.

The best kept secret on Team E is now yours.

Download Cipher.

NOTE: Does not work on iPhone 4 models. These are unsupported by Apple now so we aren't able to make this work. 


"An excellent tool..."
 - Marc Kerstein

Customer Reviews

  • by phillip ruiz

    Oct 2017

    This is the easiest tool to use to get amazing reactions. I used Cipher yesterday in a bar setting and I left my spectator speechless. The moments you can create using this product is the exact reason we chose this craft. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten better reactions using a lottery ticket rather than the phone #. But either one will still blow your spectator away.

  • by Sal C

    Sep 2017

    Just buy it. Don't wait. Buy it. Now. It's. That. Good.

  • by Michael

    Aug 2017

    I've always been a card person myself but I wanted to venture off and do mentalism as well. Take the cards out of my hands and do impossible things. This is a great buy. The possibilities are only limited by your mind.