"Absolutely phenomenal..." - Michael Murray

Cipher is a swiss-army app for mentalism, hidden on your phone.

It allows you to reveal:

- Pin Codes
- Star Signs
- Birthdays
... Literally ANY Significant Numbers 

Undoubtably the best mentalism effects you can perform are the classic Number Force, a pin reveal and guessing a strangers star sign.

This digital peek pad allows you to get all this information and more in one easy step. For the fairest performance imaginable.

- No anagrams
- No memory work
- Instant Reset

"They said the day would come when machines would overtake people - That day is today. This is fast and hard hitting."
- Peter Turner

Created by Ellusionist's genius coder Will Jones ( Half man, half binary) along with Geraint Clarke & Lloyd Barnes; this incredible tool will elevate your mentalism with an organic prop you have on you at all times... your phone.

Perform any time, anywhere as one jaw-dropping routine, or use this to get multiple steps ahead of your spectator.

The best kept secret on Team E is now yours.

Download Cipher.

NOTE: Does not work on iPhone 4 models. These are unsupported by Apple now so we aren't able to make this work. 


"An excellent tool..."
 - Marc Kerstein

Customer Reviews

  • by Will

    Nov 2018

    This is a great trick and definitely is worth more than $29.

  • by Mr. Flox

    Sep 2018

    Coming from a long-time Cipher user:

    Really loved it and still do, but they don't update it anymore.

    I really wished there would come additions to this, as was promised with the -then latest- update (They were testing some "groundbreaking new features" for CIPHER 2.0 in June 2017). That was the last time I ever heard from anything new to cipher.

    It is an amazing product, But it appears they have relinquished any future development that was (well, if not promised) pretty much teased upon. Hence 4 stars.

    Once again though, a really booming effect. Great reactions.

  • by mikey

    Aug 2018

    Excellent tool and effect! People go crazy over any routine I do with this! Great instructional video as well. One of the more expensive tricks in my arsenal, but very worth it! Im so happy i purchased this.

    My one suggestion would be to allow multiple, even just two, presets for the toxic force. Maybe use a hot key to switch between them? That way if you quickly have to repeat the trick its faster to reset.