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City Prediction has been updated. Version 2.0 is back in the AppStore with a bit changed mechanic. The main new feature is that besides an iPhone you can borrow any android phone from a spectator as well.

Thousands of copies downloaded. City Prediction is the MUST-HAVE app of 2015.

A world-class prediction effect that you carry on you at all times. 

The issue with most Apps is that the magic happens on the magicians’ phone.

City prediction allows you to borrow a spectators iPhone or iPad, casually set a prediction on Apple Maps, and then create miracles.

Here's how it works… You borrow a phone from your audience member, and set a prediction on their phone with Apple maps.... it's placed face-down in their hand.

From this moment on, you NEVER touch their phone again

They freely name ANY city, street address or anything you can search for on a map in the world. No pre-show work, force or stooge. It can literally be any city, no matter how obscure it is… Without any voice recognition or sleight of hand, the spectator turns over their phone to find a pin placed in the exact city they named.

The app store download includes a video guide, and set of notes to take you from 'good magician' to miracle-maker.  So easy.

*Please Note: You will need to own an iPhone or iPad to perform City Prediction*
  • Works with any iPhone or iPad with iOS8+ 
  • Borrow the damn phone, son. Borrow it.
  • No voice recognition, force, or pre-show work
  • No sleight of hand required
  • Nothing is installed on the spectator's device
  • Perfect for close-up, stage or any casual performance
NOTE: You must FIRST purchase the app and download it to YOUR personal iPhone. Once properly set up you can then borrow anyones iPhone to perform City Prediction.
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  1. Summary

    One word: AM-AZ-ING!!! This trick will for sure bluff the spectators.
  2. Summary

    This took about ten minutes to understand. It works. Its a great everyday item type of trick. You will need to get creative with one aspect of how this works, but it was not a problem for me. Having a helper do the dirty work makes it flawless. Instantly repeatable.
  3. Summary

    Before I bought City Prediction I was very on the fence about doing magic with technology, it just didnt feel right to me. But this is one of my favourite tricks EVER. Everyone has an iphone nowadays and its the perfect effect for when I forget my cards. I always perform it twice for the same person. The first time I voice their thought of place really loudly and obviously, they always think it has something to do with voice recognition. I then perform the trick a second time in total silence and people freak out.
  4. Summary

    I went to work with this Friday night and blew away 6 or 7 sets with it. Then after the gig I met with some friends - one girl was so hell-bent on beating me we tried it SEVEN times in a row. She ended up throwing her phone!

    After carrying my phone for every performance just to use the Card2Phone app, I was hoping something else worthwhile would come out to justify the pocket space an iPhone takes up- this does exactly what any magician could hope for
  5. Summary

    Peter McKinnon recommended this product to me, and without fail has become my go to effect when someone asks me to do something, and I don't want to pull out a deck of cards. The method is fool proof and it will FLOOR people. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for an effect that will kill, and is easily worth 4 times the amount you're going to pay for this.
  6. Summary

    This effect is incredible!! I bought it, and performed it 10 minutes later, and floored my spectator. This will build your reputation very quick. This really does use the spectators phone, you start and end clean and everything makes since. You will not go wrong with this effect.
  7. Summary

    THIS IS SO GOOD!! i tried and i was able to do a lot of variations and routine!! SICK!! aaaww! if I can only say don't buy this because this is so good!!! Great Job Soma!!! thank you Ellusionist!
  8. Summary

    Very cool iPhone trick, easy to do, gets good reactions. My only issue and I guess not just with this effect, is I wish when the demo is shown that they show the whole effect and not leave out a critical/required process. As in the trailer for this effect with the first young lady (Budapest), they completely distort the effect, fortunately with the second female ( Barcelona) they show the complete working. Just my pet piece I guess. But this is well worth the $15, just need to make sure they have a wifi connection for it to work. This will be an excellent effect, although not repeatable with the same crowd, or suspicions might be raised. Well done!
  9. Summary

    I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! This is a fantastic trick that I will always have on me. I've gotten it and only needed to remmember something very simple and performed it instantly to my friends.

  10. Summary

    Well, now isn't that a stroke of pretty wild genius! Well done, gang. Well done.