You’re going to want both.  But you can only have ONE. 

YOU CHOOSE: the Incredible Zebra King Slayersforged from real zebra’s giving their very life for the deck, OR….a Summer Sale of Massive Proportion: Over 200 Incredible pieces of magic and playing cards at *up to* 90% OFF.

 Take your time making a decision.  Once your email address has been registered against your decision, you will be LOCKED OUT of the other choice.  There will be no way back in.

 Take a deep breath.  There is no wrong decision. 

…Or is there?  Don't F%@* it up.

STEP #1:



THE RED PILL gives ACCESS to Ellusionist’s collaboration with African Zebras…… Zebra King Slayers.  The tuck box is carved from real hooves and the backs of the cards are furry, with hair donated to the project by generous Zebras.  20% of the proceeds go toward giving each Zebra a prize of a special radar detector that exposes hidden lions.

Take this path and you could wake up in your bed tomorrow knowing this sought after masterpiece is on it’s way to YOU. Last time we did this with the Ellusionist deck, we sold 7,000 decks... this time, we've only printed 5,000 decks TOTAL.

Choose the BLUE PILL and you’ll have your mind opened to our SUPER SALE EVENT page. Expanding your playing card collection, magic knowledge or bad-ass aura with discounts up to 90% OFF.

Take this and you’ll be re-directed to our exclusive sale. There’s no going back, but you brave few will be able to see just how deep the discounts go.