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With CLONE, you uncover the technology to create a perfect duplication of anyone's signature for the most convincing transpositions, vanishes & restorations in magic.

Used to floor Penn & Teller during a live taping of their 'Fool Us' show, CLONE puts the ultimate ability of signature duplication into your hands.

Duplicate ANY signature on:
- Bills
- Billets
- Playing cards... & more

First mistaken for a stooge during FISM, CLONE is an undetectable prop that does the hard work for you... Hidden in plain sight.

Each CLONE set has been hand-inspected by the creator Juan Carols Rodarte himself, to ensure it will last hundreds of performances & is show-ready the moment it comes out of the box.

The ONLY way to actually duplicate a spectators signature.

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  1. Summary

    How can such a great advertised trick be so terrible?
    It does not work like the video shows. I followed the instructions perfectly and the transfer is awful! The method looks great on paper but it doesnt work how it should. The transfer after 5 minutes was VERY poor. Really annoyd with how much this cost because it is horrendous.
  2. Summary

    It's a great concept and a clever method. The ability to duplicate a signature is a very powerful effect. Who wouldn't want to have that power? Clone offers a good solution. Thank you JC Rodarte for your creation!

    That being said, this is not for the working magician that performs on a daily or even weekly basis. This is not the kind of trick you do for walkabouts or table hoping. The materials being used are quickly consumable and you will need to constantly replenish gimmicks which may not be economical for regular performances. It's just not practical. Clone is best saved for special performances.

    Performance wise, it seems like this is not yet a polished method/product. There is no set routine. That's disappointing considering the $147 price. In order for you to be successful with Clone, you must be able to "buy some time" for the gimmick to do it's job. You may even need some control over your performance environment. It's a bit all over the place and you're left to your own devices to create a better solution to the problem.

    The good and bad of it is - you're left to your own devices to create a better solution. So that's what I intend to do. Seeing as I paid $147 for this, I have to make the best of it and try to develop some better solutions for performance. Clone has the potential for some very creative and truly awesome effects. It's up to you to make it your own.
  3. Summary

    If you didn't know what was happening, you'd barely believe it yourself.
    The gimmick itself can be utilised in different ways and for some uses might need some out of the box, round the corner and over the bridge thinking, but if you're prepred to put the real work into performing with Clone, everything will be worthwhile.

    Imagine seeing your signed card, torn into pieces, face visible in front of you, whilst you hold an indifferent card. Imagine that those pieces dissapear, and you turn over the indifferent card to find it has turned into the card you just saw torn up.
    Imagine signing a card, then watching as the magician removes your signature from that card and adds it (without using a sharpie, just unicorn dust and powdered rainbow) to a completely different card - a card you have now signed but have never handled?

    These are just wo of the more basic ideas that Clone inspired in me. I actually wish I could forget about the method so I could watch a video of one of these pieces being performed afresh.

    Man, I'm envious of my spectators right now...
  4. Summary

    I really like the idea behind the product and the design and quality of the product is amazing. But there is a lot of time you have to fill to perform this trick, you can't just do this one trick by itself it would be horrible. This is a trick you buy to really defy the laws of life at the end of your performance. I would not recommend vying this product if you are a new magician, it is definitely meant for professionals, if you are a new magician I would recommend Venom or the Vader wallet to spend your $150.
  5. Summary

    Awesome. Works incredibly. But...

    For the love of Erdnase, WATCH THE WHOLE DOWNLOAD before you touch the box.
    Do yourself a favor and do it right and you'll change lives.
  6. Summary

    Clone uses an ingenious gimmick with hundreds of different applications to fit any magician's style. Good job JC Rodarte!
  7. Summary

    Clone uses an ingenious gimmick with hundreds of different applications to fit any magician's style. Good job JC Rodarte!
  8. Summary

    I personally was very disappointed in this product. I tried this with dollar bills several times and could never get a decent duplicate of the signature. I even gave the process double the time it takes to duplicate the signature. Isn't practical for my style of performance. I hate to leave a bad review because of all the hype Ellusionist made this out to be. Definitely not worth $147. Again this is just my opinion from my experience using Clone. I hope everyone else has better luck with this product than I did.
  9. Summary

    The method is solid for if you are doing a show or even casual magic, but this is not that practical for walk-around magic unless you want to impress the person who hired you. Also really disappointing that the wallet is on the cheaper side because on mine the stitching on one of the sides came apart fairly easy (by accident).
  10. Summary

    I have to say, this is by far one of the most revolutionary tools I've found on the market. This makes any miracle you've imagined possible. Only one performance and I've got my investment back with my next gig booked because of Clone. If you're a working pro, this is totally for you.
    Great job Ellusionist and JC Rodarte... thanks for sharing with the magic community this great effect/method! I wish I could keep it to myself forever!