COG by Ben Seward

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  1. Summary

    It will not take long to read, but it will take a few reads to get your head around it all. It is rather brief but the techniques are well described.
  2. Summary

    The methods in this book will blow your mind. You read it, almost expecting things to not work but the second you try things out you come to find that Ben Worked out these methods very extensively. You'll read the book, then you'll find yourself reading it again and again to make the methods fit your style!!!
  3. Summary

    One of the best book I have ever read!!
    Thank you Ben, you opened a new door in mentalism.
  4. Summary

    A good, easy read. This does touch on some subjects I have already read about but a good book anyways. The typos get in the way at times however.
  5. Summary

    Well thought out project, their is a lot of this type of effect originating from england lately with Pete Turner and the thought of card plot from ben.
    This has always fascinated me, to be able to divine a thought of card with no panagrams or fishing.
    The technique is not new and is still used today to gain information secretly.
    The one and only issue i have is for divining the Value of the card. This is the weak point and can give the whole routine away if not executed skillfully. I actually dont use bens version to determine the value, i use a different scenario for this. Overall 9 out of 10. If anybody is interested in this plot it is definitely worth it.
  6. Summary

    Great effect, takes a lot of practice , not easy for beginers.. but yes it can be done...when u master it you will have a powerful tool nobody can take away...and you dont need any gimicks , or a deck to do it, its worth every penny....
  7. Summary

    After one read through of the product, I was very happy with what I read. This is well worth the price, and I plan to use this with the mentalist portion of my routines. Thank you!!!
    ~ Andrew
  8. Summary

    This goes beyond an effect and is really a system of possible tools and concepts that have shifted the way I think about magic. This is not a fully polished item-there is a lot of work left for you to do. In this way, I feel that it is much more worthwhile than many fully finished effects, which give you very little beyond the basic method and presentation. This book opens door and starts you thinking. If you are willing to put in some work, this is a must have.
  9. Summary

    I have let some of my friends borrow this book and they say as well as I do that this is incredible, I love the method behind this, in some ways it is too subtle because you could possible miss what signal the spectator let out or misinterpret it, but like everything this takes a lot of time. This is still an incredible piece of mentalism and I will take this everywhere I go
  10. Summary

    COG is an excellent, impromptu, perform anywhere technique. It gets awesome reactions when performed correctly. I will warn you that there are parts to COG that are more complex, thus creating the intermediate rating. Give it a week or two of practice. You'll have most of it down no problem.