COG by Ben Seward

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  1. Summary

    Unlike most on this site I don't self-identify as a magician. I tend to perform more with hypnosis. You know the shows: fat guys dancing around like ballerinas, women falling in love with me, people swearing that I'm invisible, etc. The thing of it is that I was never really happy with that. It's fun, but I wanted to do more pure mentalism but I had my own mental blocks on how to make the jump.

    Cog cured that and cured that fast.

    After reading cog I finally have a show that involves everything I want. Magic, mentalism, and hypnosis and they all blend perfectly.

    I can't recommend this book highly enough
  2. Summary

    You should definitely buy this. I just finished reading the book and i am so impressed with the method and the explanation. Everything is truly amazing. I also tried this out to my friends and they were very impressed. This is a trick that will not regret buying this.
  3. Summary

    It´s a good trick, but it´s more suited to use during informal performances or you can use it in a professional setting as a part of another trick where the ending not depend on it because of the possibility to fail.
  4. Summary

    Time to put away the props: the sponge balls, the thumb tips, and even your cardistry decks. Time for an experience that leaves the spectator stunned because there is no plausible explanation other than it is what it appears to be--authentic mind reading, which in a real sense is what you're doing. This method has opened the doors for me in many ways and lifts magic and mentalism out of triviality.

    The method does require practice (you didn't do a credible double-lift on the first try, did you?), but if you are used to working with people your skills are already at least partially developed. On my first five or so attempts I missed one. I get some near hits now and then, but I've found that being off one or getting diamonds instead of hearts does not diminish the effect, but strengthens it. If it were a trick, you'd nail it every time, right? You really are poking around their minds.

    This is GOLD, but as far as I'm concerned the fewer people who know about this the better. My precious!
  5. Summary

    The technique and method behind this effect is not easy\self-working and simple but it is powerful. Once you get it down you'll have a devastating tool in your arsenal that can be used for other effects as well.

    This is truely - a work of ART.
  6. Summary

    Great book. Basically finished it in one sitting and immediately after tried out some of the ideas. Without practice and just a basic understanding the results were fantastic. I even impressed myself with the information I was able to gather.

    Great book, worth the money if you're serious about your work. Doing any mentalism at all? Get this book. I do mainly card and close-up stuff and even I'm getting great use out of this book combining it with other effects.
  7. Summary

    Alright first off, you WILL NOT be able to do this the night after you read it, at least not the majority of the time. I'm not gonna lie, it's tough stuff. You're going to have to reread the book over and over to figure out the script that works for you. Also this isn't something that you can practice in the mirror to perfect it before taking it out to the real world. You're going to have to go out and try it on people in order to practice it. And you will mess up, but when you get it down and have mastered it, it will be a fine work of art. If you think you're up for the challenge, then by all means go for it and hit "add to cart". If none of this sounds fun to you, then I would not recommend you make the purchase.
  8. Summary

    This is part of the dream for using cards in mentalism, to have your spectator think of a card and then you tell them what it is. Doesn't get much more direct than that!!! truly spectacular book and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! went out to a gig after just reading and received hits all night! awesome stuff!!!!