Cohorts Red Playing Cards

Cohorts Red Playing Cards
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  1. Allen

    I got my first reaction to these playing cards and I mean wow. They look great and shuffle and fan great. The reaction I got was what I have always wanted with sleight of hand magic. Thank you ellusionist for creating such a powerful deck. The performance of this deck will be uploaded to Facebook
  2. Marco

    Excellent cards, love the quality. Only thing I don't like is the marking placement. I prefer having them on the non-pip corners, to see them during peeks and on a spread.
  3. Sean

    Honestly, I’m not quite sure if I like this deck yet or not. I’m going to play with it a bit more before I decide if I like it or not. They do feel nice and soft out of the box, but they seem to stay bent rather easily. After only a few springs and dribbles, my double lifts have an obvious gap that shows that it’s two cards pretty bad. Maybe it’s just me, but they seem to stay bent quite a bit instead of naturally going back to their shape when you bend them back the opposite way to fix them. Like I said, I have to play around with them a little more before I’m completely convinced one way or the other. Maybe I’ll have a better opinion of them when I put them to real use in a few performances.

    Oh, and I do have to mention the markings - they are very nice and discreet. Sometimes you have to look pretty close to determine whether or not it’s a “K” (king), or an “X” (10). Also, on the 2’s and the 7’s sometimes you have to look very close as well because the design pattern around the mark has a line that goes through the bottom of the 7’s, so it can look like a 2 if you aren’t careful and pay very close attention. Other than these few minor discrepancies, the marks are great.

    I gave them 3 stars for now because of the bendiness and the marking issues, but mostly because of the price. Not worth $7 at all in my opinion. Maybe $5 would be much more sufficient. You can get much nicer decks for $7. If I were going to spend $7 on this deck, I’d just spend $10 and get a really nice premium deck that I know will handle exactly like I want. I don’t want to make this deck sound bad though, because over all it is pretty nice. But it would be much nicer for $5. That is all....