Red Cohort Vintage Casino Playing Cards

Red Cohort Vintage Casino Playing Cards
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(PLEASE NOTE: Red Cohort V2s are now expertly printed on Luxury pressed E7 stock)

Blue Cohorts have become one of our best selling decks, the favorite amongst all the professional magicians we work with. 

Why? The unsuspecting look, the revolutionary marking system... but most importantly the way they FEEL. 

So naturally,
we wanted to bring the original red Cohorts to the same level. Printed on luxury E7 stock the Red Cohorts feel as good as they perform. With a thinner, more durable deck these playing cards are unlike any other. 

But one thing hasn't changed. Hidden within the lines of the intricate back design are markings undetectable to the untrained eye. Easily readable for any magician, card mechanic or mentalist out there.


Each deck comes with 52 cards, 2 jokers, 1 alternate color double-backer and a duplicate Queen of spades (for obvious magical reasons). All fitted with the same revolutionary marking system only the Cohorts can deliver.  

These WILL be a continued staple for Ellusionist, but for right now Red Cohorts V2s are only available in a limited quantity.

Stock up now. 

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  1. Summary

    Love the feel and design. the marking is easy to read while still hard to detect for untrained eyes. If I were to nit pick, I wish this had a true double backer rather than a red/blue back. As I would use that more. And if the duplicate is always the same card then there should be a reveal hidden somewhere on the tuck case for that card as well. Just a thought. But still a great deck.
  2. dunc

    Love the deck, great markings and handles very nicely. Also love the back design.
  3. Scott

    I love these cards, I think they handle great and the markings are quick and easy to read yet blended nicely. I just wish you'd make a blue back pack to go along with the blue/red back card that comes in the pack.
  4. Allen

    I got my first reaction to these playing cards and I mean wow. They look great and shuffle and fan great. The reaction I got was what I have always wanted with sleight of hand magic. Thank you ellusionist for creating such a powerful deck. The performance of this deck will be uploaded to Facebook
  5. Marco

    Excellent cards, love the quality. Only thing I don't like is the marking placement. I prefer having them on the non-pip corners, to see them during peeks and on a spread.
  6. Sean

    Honestly, I’m not quite sure if I like this deck yet or not. I’m going to play with it a bit more before I decide if I like it or not. They do feel nice and soft out of the box, but they seem to stay bent rather easily. After only a few springs and dribbles, my double lifts have an obvious gap that shows that it’s two cards pretty bad. Maybe it’s just me, but they seem to stay bent quite a bit instead of naturally going back to their shape when you bend them back the opposite way to fix them. Like I said, I have to play around with them a little more before I’m completely convinced one way or the other. Maybe I’ll have a better opinion of them when I put them to real use in a few performances.

    Oh, and I do have to mention the markings - they are very nice and discreet. Sometimes you have to look pretty close to determine whether or not it’s a “K” (king), or an “X” (10). Also, on the 2’s and the 7’s sometimes you have to look very close as well because the design pattern around the mark has a line that goes through the bottom of the 7’s, so it can look like a 2 if you aren’t careful and pay very close attention. Other than these few minor discrepancies, the marks are great.

    I gave them 3 stars for now because of the bendiness and the marking issues, but mostly because of the price. Not worth $7 at all in my opinion. Maybe $5 would be much more sufficient. You can get much nicer decks for $7. If I were going to spend $7 on this deck, I’d just spend $10 and get a really nice premium deck that I know will handle exactly like I want. I don’t want to make this deck sound bad though, because over all it is pretty nice. But it would be much nicer for $5. That is all....
  7. Summary

    Very clever...well hidden...and easy to read once you know where to look.
    Includes a red/blue back card and extra Queen of Spades with no markings in corner and 2 cool looking jokers.
  8. Allen

    Again I am very happy with these playing cards. I will be using them this weekend in a recording. They truly hold up to my expectations. I never thought this company would ever create a deck like this. It takes insight to a new level. And dont have to worry about getting caught either.
  9. Summary

    The Cohorts! These cards are great! They are kind of like the Keepers Masters edition. Great stock, feel, and finish. I love the thin borders, it makes them pop more. Although, I don't like the royalties as much, but they are okay. Maybe next time stick with regular royalties. They are also marked (although I personally have not found the markings, probably go on youtube to find out!). Anyway, if you don't have them, and your thinking about buying them....DO IT!!!!!
  10. Summary

    I LOVE these cards they feel amazing, they look amazing, and they are marked! what more could you ask for?