Red Cohort Vintage Casino Playing Cards

Red Cohort Vintage Casino Playing Cards
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(PLEASE NOTE: Red Cohort V2s are now expertly printed on Luxury pressed E7 stock)

Blue Cohorts have become one of our best selling decks, the favorite amongst all the professional magicians we work with. 

Why? The unsuspecting look, the revolutionary marking system... but most importantly the way they FEEL. 

So naturally,
we wanted to bring the original red Cohorts to the same level. Printed on luxury E7 stock the Red Cohorts feel as good as they perform. With a thinner, more durable deck these playing cards are unlike any other. 

But one thing hasn't changed. Hidden within the lines of the intricate back design are markings undetectable to the untrained eye. Easily readable for any magician, card mechanic or mentalist out there.


Each deck comes with 52 cards, 2 jokers, 1 alternate color double-backer and a duplicate Queen of spades (for obvious magical reasons). All fitted with the same revolutionary marking system only the Cohorts can deliver.  

These WILL be a continued staple for Ellusionist, but for right now Red Cohorts V2s are only available in a limited quantity.

Stock up now. 

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  1. Summary

    This is my best deck. They’re smooth and easy to handle with.its like a worn in deck as soon as you open them. I love this deck and the tricks that it comes with.
  2. Summary

    I really REALLY like the design on these, the narrow border makes them pop for some reason, to my eye they are a fantastic design in every aspect. The red is a perfect red, the design is both gorgeous and utilitarian, the tuck box is the same. I just love everything about the look of this deck, it is an instant classic. A real worker. More on that in a bit.

    (Duane, these would KILL in a borderless design as well! Something to ponder for a future flavor?)

    I also am not a cartimundi fan, but these Cohorts feel solid, beefy even, yet not overly thick as the new Keepers do. I could be wrong on that as I haven't done a side by side, but these feel a bit more manageable for some reason. May be just me loving the hell out of the design, but these feel good and solid without feeling bulky like so many other cartimundi decks feel to me.

    In fact this could be the deck that brings me around on cartimundi decks if the price point wasn't fixed per deck.
    If there were a break on brick prices (where did that go, E? Note my brick purchases have gone to zero) with these to bring them to ~$5/ea, I'd consider making this my go-to worker for the foreseeable future. I really miss the progressively staged discount on deck prices. For this deck, it's the difference between me ordering 2 bricks out of the gate, or me ordering a few decks and maybe more later. As it stands I have 4 decks.

    With regard to the deck itself, it's a great $7 deck and it is a 5 star deck, loses a star for no progressive discount making it just too spend to make this a go-to. Bring back the progressive discount, please! I would love to grab a few bricks, not just a few decks. I'll put em to work.
    Let's get the blue decks rolling soon too please! :)

    Excellent showing, Duane, man I LOVE these on so many levels.
  3. Summary

    Not gonna lie, i bought almost a brick of these ONLY because ellusionist releases some awesome exclusive gaffs (Stretch).
    I’ve never been a fan of the carta mundi stock, print, cut, or finish. I get it... it’s hard to compete with You-know-who with their fancy tucks and contracts, but these cards are not worth their price and they are not pleasant to work with just to lead up to a single gaff trick that IS worth it.
    At least the markings are clever.