Combo Stripper Deck by Jeremy Hanrahan

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Combo Stripper Decks are uniquely cut to control cards in multiple orientations


Combo Stripper Decks are a Jeremy Hanrahan (the gaff guy) creation. A unique, never-before-seen gaffed deck that allows you to manipulate chosen cards in multiple orientations... Including dead-cutting to the aces.


"You can't do this stuff with a normal stripper deck."


Hand-made at our facility in Kentucky to Hanrahan's specifications, each card is cut to within a few fractions of a millimetre. Perceptible only to your trained fingertips, the untrained eye sees a normal deck of cards... It's anything but.


The secret behind the Combo Stripper Decks lets you add a new dimension to your card magic and gambling demonstrations. Literally. We can't say anymore without giving away the secret.


By combining well-known, but unexplored concepts in gaffing, 'the gaff guy' has created a new beast for you to tame. This means you'll be able to do much more than what's possible with just a normal stripper deck. 



In over 1 hour of tuition, Jeremy Griffith will give you a masterclass on how to use a stripper deck, as if you've never heard of one before. Then, as the teaching progresses, he'll slowly walk you through what makes a Combination Stripper Deck different - and how to use it in the most deceptive way.


You'll learn:

  • How the deck is cut
  • The slop
  • Managing orientation
  • controlling a shuffle
  • controlling multiple cards
  • palming & steals
  • one-handed pinky jog
  • one-handed gravity jog
  • Aces out
  • Shuffle Revelations
  • Kicker Shuffle
  • The Marlo Reversal
  • Chaotic Triumph
  • & The Faro Pull



Sprinkled within are extra thoughts and additional tips from Jeremy's years of practice with cards. These nuggets, if heard, can elevate all your card-handling to new levels.


"Some of the stuff you can do [with this deck]... I don't know of a way you can do that just using pure sleight-of-hand."
- Jeremy Griffith


Available in both red and blue Bicycle Rider back designs, you get the deck and the tuition - automatically applying a discount (bundle worth $24.95 separately).


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