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This is electronic. Console allows you to step through history and take a disturbingly accurate photo that can be given to your audience in any present day prediction.

Produce a seemingly impossible picture of anything the spectator thinks of... a word, a time or significant number.

Multiple outs are for those who may be wrong. With console you’re right first time, every time.

The future is history.

Pre-order your Console device NOW.

60 Day, Full Battery-To-Buttons Guarantee.

Console works like a gem.  Order one from the small batch run now…watch the stupidly good reactions you get…if you’re not entirely happy, return it within 60 days and receive a full refund (minus shipping). No questions asked.


Each finished Console device has been hand-checked and tested. TWICE.

At great expense and with multiple attacks on our impatience we’ve been developing the perfect Console for over 2 years. Working with multiple vendors and adding new features to the app via 6 different re-builds, we’re the proud co-parent to the next generation of electronics in mentalism.

The device is stripped back to basics. Without giving too much away, we’ve not filled it with useless functionality that has the potential to break easily. Console is simple, effective and reliable.

READY ON ARRIVAL. No updates or patches. Each device has been loaded with the latest firmware. Use it right out of the box.
6 ACTION BUTTONS. Pre-programmed buttons allow for speed predictions in the fastest time possible. Your audience suspects nothing.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. Console doesn’t quit until you do. If you performed this effect constantly, every 10 seconds for 6 hours, Console’s battery would still not be empty.
RANGE. Performing on TV or stage and don't want the device anywhere near you? Console's wireless unit can be used by an accomplice. Delivering the goods via Bluetooth immediately to your phone.  
COMPACT. Console is designed to be around the same size as a mercury-folded playing card. No wires, no body hook-up and no clothing requirements to hide the device. This is as small as you can get.


Mark Lemon might be the most interesting man and busiest consultant you’ve never heard of.

As a former private pilot for royalty, Mark has go on to create for the biggest name in TV magic, David Blaine.

A ghost to social media, Mark works behind the scenes to create some of the most powerful magic ever performed on television... taking no credit.

Like an Einstein in disguise, Mark Lemon’s fixation on electronics in magic has revolutionised the industry’s potential. He creates TV miracles for the every day magician.


Can it be done with Android too?
Yes. Both apps are native to android and iPhone. This isn’t a case of us serving iPhone beef as android chicken. The app is purpose built for each operating system.

Who can do this effect?
Anyone with a thumb and a smartphone.

Who can’t do this effect?
Phoneless People without opposable thumbs or friends who can help them out.

What if I’m a terrible performer?
Mark is a consultant, he barely performs, but the reactions with Console are so powerful, he was able to make complete strangers cheer, curse & cry.

If he can get reactions like these, imagine what you can do.

Do you need multiple outs?
No. Console is right first time, every time.

Does it require a force or for you to set limitations on their choice?
No. Their word, time or numbers are completely fair and free choices. Zero restrictions.

How long does the battery last?
In tests with Mark, his device has even lasted over 24 hours. In our tests, before retiring for the evening, we can guarantee every device will last at least 6 hours under rigorous test conditions*. That’s us artificially performing console every 10 seconds for 6 hours. You’d quit before Console does.

60 Day, Full Battery-To-Buttons Guarantee.

Console works like a gem.  Order one from the small batch run now…watch the stupidly good reactions you get…if you’re not entirely happy, return it within 60 days and receive a full refund (minus shipping). No questions asked.


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  1. Ares

    Nice prototype, but I'll never perform this. Let me explain why.

    First, the console device is poorly designed. It should have a case instead of just being the bare circuit , key press feedback is nonexistent, it really needs a case, some presses are not registered (trust me, I've practised a lot) and the "you're doing it wrong" excuse does not work for me. Did I mention that it really needs a case? I watched the video where Lemon and Turner address these issues and I could only find excuses. I have other electronic devices like this one and they work as they should (and, of course, they have a case).

    Then the (android) app is unusable. All the selfies I take are horribly pixelated (except for the prediction section), which makes those effects unrealizable. Every time I input a space, the phone vibrates, so that's another thing I can't use.

    I hope there's a working version of console out soon, because I really liked the effect, but until then save your $100 for something that works.
  2. Summary

    My previous review has more detail, this additional review is more of another feature request.

    Since the software can generate the numbers on the lottery tickets, why can't it set the date printed on the ticket?

    Again, as I stated in my previous review:

    If you can afford this, BUY IT!!! It is absolutely worth the money.
  3. Arif

    Great Tool! At the beginning a little bit complicated but after that you will love it. Please update the lottery designs especially for euro currency
  4. Wong

    Just received the console unit from Ellusionist, I would say that this is one of the greatest mind reading tool for mentalist! It is an honor to own it! This is going to be my everyday item to carry with me! Genius invention! Thumbs up!
  5. Jamie

    Just received this in the mail a couple of days ago and I've already got it down and working great. This is probably the best effect I've bought in at least a few years. The remote and the app both work very well and are easy to use. I also just received the Poloroid printer today and it works great. Can't wait to use this with the printer and a card to wallet! Other people were talking about how the console device has no case with exposed components. I figured out a quick fix for this. I used a tiny 1.5X3 ziplock baggy and made it just a little bit longer by taping the end of another bag on the end of it and now it is the perfect size to hold the console device. Now I'm not scared of it braking from water damage or moist hands. Yes it should have been made with a case but I'm not complaining because this is such a great effect and is easy to do and everything works beautifully. There were a couple bugs in the app when I first received this. I emailed the support team and the developer of the app was very quick to address these issues and get them fixed the day after I reported this. I would like to thank the E team for having such awesome customer service. Overall this is one of the best purchases I've bought from Ellusionist. Highly Recommended!!!
  6. Michael

    Amazing idea, excellent routines. There are a few things from a product design, both software and hardware, that could be improved:

    It needs a case. This quite a small device, and costs $99 (for the hardware, iOS software is sold separately) and has exposed components. Yes, there is a protective coating, but there are still exposed conductive surfaces.

    Software: The back-date option for the images being placed into the camera roll is great....BUT: The phone is a computer - let it do the math. We need an option to be able to select the back-dated date using a calendar control. Let us select a date as a date, don't force us to have to figure out how many days from today the target date is. Also, if the back-dating is calculated as a number of days from today, you either have to change any preprogramed results every day, or change the "dates back" number. This greatly reduces the option for an impromptu performance.

    It is solely for those, admittedly minor, issues that I had to reduce my rating by one star (1/2 star was not an option).

    With all of that being said, this is an AMAZING effect. Despite the issues listed above, I will be using this at every opportunity, and will probably soon invest in the printer (which is not required btw, it just adds another impossible revelation option).

    If you can afford it, BUY THIS!!!!!! You will not regret the purchase.
  7. Summary

    Nice idea, good app but unfortunately no € currency design for the lottery prediction. What a pity for customers from europe
  8. Summary

    There’s not a bunch of things I can say that hasn’t already been said. However, there is one con. And it is extremely frustrating to deal with. Especially for those of us that had to wait until our device ships to us. The app for iOS seems to be very buggy. And that’s important to have fixed for performances. It’s not 100% reliable at this time imo. Even after the update ( June 11 2019 ) there are still some things that NEED to be fixed.
    I’ve already expressed my concerns in the Facebook group over these issues. And E.’s app guy ( Will Jones ) is putting in overtime to make sure that these issues get addressed and properly straightened out. As frustrating as I am as a consumer, I can only imagine the type of frustration Will is experiencing with the bugs that he’s trying to eliminate. He’s put in so much time to make it is what it is today.
    If you notice, I gave this 5 stars. Even after being super frustrated with the app as it stands now. I fully understand the possibilities that this has as a whole product. I am absolutely excited for this in every way. Even with my non-working app. I’ve seen this in action. And know that this will be one of the most powerful effects you can purchase right now. I’m 100% confident that my issues with the app will be fixed. Which is also why I gave this 5 stars. Console deserves a ton of credit for being as versatile as it is. There is no false advertising. There is no misleading. This is as straight forward as you can get.
    There’s a review here that goes over quite a bit of things that cover all the positive things that you can do with console. And I didn’t want my review to copy that great review. I wanted mine to show that even though I’m not able to fully trust the app at this time, I still KNOW that I have possibly the most hard hitting power house of an effect, there is. And I will continue to promote this and support E. with console. IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE PRICE . Tap the purchase button. Because you will have yourself the potential to start a new religion with this. And that’s scary good.
  9. Bobby

    Wow, let’s just realize that we are blessed to have this type of product released. This product has been destroying too tv shows and now we have it. The possibilities are endless, and that’s not exaggerated. Each routine can be flipped 7 different ways, you can have an assistant, perform solo, keep the reveal in sight the whole time, have the reveal across the room no where in sight, you have no ditch, no out needed, powerful mind reading, coincidence, and impossibilities on so many levels. You can talk time travel, mind reading, predicting the future, or knowing someone’s past..... I’ve seen products increase in price after launch and this one needs to! $150 for this is a steal, this will book you shows and pay you back in - 30 min gig! BUY NOW! Amazing job Ellusionist. Earned my first review!
  10. John Benedict

    I got the IOS version. This app is way more easy and less complicated to use compared to other apps... it's straight to the point! The remote is amazing because I can focus on the presentation because it's very reliable! Highly recommend this...Getting a printer as well.