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The DVD gives more results, faster, than any video in its class. Each "move" is broken down fully and taught by acclaimed teacher Brad Christian... it will take practice, but soon you will look like a pro and you will perform sleight of hand that is completely amazing. More over, you will learn to entertain people. You'll learn to reach out in any situation and easily provide amazement and awe.


The video isn't just about cool 'moves' with cards, its about learning to be confident and being able to create reactions in people at a moment's notice. Creating a reaction opens a door in that person you never had access to before. You have to see it - and feel it - to believe it.

You'll get addicted to it.


People open because you made them leave their normal life for a moment. This happens because you created amazement in the person.

We'll be brief here however there were a lot more details. One of our customers was confronted by a gang on his way home at night. As he was emptying his pockets to give them his cash he dumped a deck of cards out. They asked him why he was carrying those. He said they were for magic and that he was just learning ------ the gang made him prove it. He was shaking like a leaf, but did a few things from our videos for the thugs... and simply blew them away.

They let him go. And they were congratulating him when they told him he could go.

Step into the DVD with Brad Christian. You'll feel like most people do... like Brad is talking just for you, like he's your good buddy and friend. You'll know that he really wants you to 'get' the material and that he has made it as easy and understandable as possible. You'll be vastly entertained in the process and you'll see things you never thought you'd see on a mere DVD.


It's amazing what you can do when you know just a few simple moves with cards. Just a few basic moves will take you out of the realm of doing "grandfather" magic (the tricks grandpa showed you that involved laying out rows of cards and then finally finding the card you picked). You'll be inventing tricks yourself from these valuable simple moves taught in Crash Course with Cards.

Soon you'll be doing things you never thought you'd do! This is magic ability and skills you'll have and USE your whole life. And it is fully backed by the Ellusionist 90-Day unconditional guarantee. There's nothing to lose. Pick up your copy today.

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  1. izzy

    Great tricks good place to start. However this is for the real beginner. If you know your basics than you won't learn much here
  2. Summary

    This would be a great product for someone with no knowledge of sleight of hand. Since I've only been doing this two months, I thought it would be a great first video for me. Unfortunately I had already self taught from other materials and most of the information was very basic. If you already know how to do a double lift, false cuts, and basic controls, you probably won't get much out of this. I very much wish the description had said exactly what was on the DVD and I would have skipped on gone to Crash 2 (which does say what is on the disk!). Otherwise, I'd definitely recommend. While he doesn't go into tons of detail, he still visually explains what to do better than most. If you're like me, save the money for Crash 2.
  3. Summary

    Hands down the best introductory DVD for sleight of hand ever!
  4. Summary

    This DVD started it all for me. If you are a beginner this is gonna blow you away. everything you need to learn is right here so dont waste it
  5. Summary

    Im 14 and my math teacher taught me one card trick that got me started in everything and i ordered this dvd not to long after and it was an amazing idea i have never been better
  6. Summary

    Great DvD to start out. Even if you are advanced in card magic, you may find something new.
  7. Summary

    Great DVD for beginners, love the tricks and great teaching once again.
  8. Summary

    If you're a complete beginner and are looking for how to start learning card magic, this is the product you want. You will learn the basic utilities that will always be with you no matter what magic trick you use.

    Some of the utility moves shown here are still used by the pros today for their more advance performances.
  9. Summary

    Great practice to start you off with. It's finally easy for me to make my own tricks and it's just great techniques that you must know all on one disc.
  10. Summary

    Crash course was the second magic DVD I got from E and the one that helped me find my call, cards. If you want to learn hard hitting card tricks fast Crash course is a must. Brads teaching is east to understand and he'll have you blowing minds in no time. Bottom line Must own for any budding card artist.