Cut by Bacon Fire

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SLOWLY slice a normal rubber band through the centre of a borrowed credit card.

- Borrowed Credit Card.
- Borrowed Rubber band.
- 100% Impromptu.

It's rare that the scales between method complexity and visuals are ever balanced in magic.

This is one of those effects where the simple secret smacks you hard, because what your eyes just told you doesn't make sense.

This is CUT by Bacon Fire.

Bacon Fire might seem like a weird name, but in Chinese it roughly translates to "HOLY SH** DID YOU SEE WHAT HE JUST DID WITH MY CREDIT CARD?" ... (Thanks Google Translate.)

Taught extensively in both English & Mandarin, CUT is only possible with Bacon Fire's secret handling that you can do anywhere, anytime... and with any card. Even a hotel keycard.

CUT is brought to you as part of Ellusionist's Asia tour. Recently we decided to travel the world in search of the best magic that you never knew existed. This is just 1 of 19 incredible effects to come from different artists.


Step #1 - Grab any credit card or debit card.

Step #2 - Buy this download with the card to make sure it's real. (It can even be borrowed from your parents or partner.)

Step #3 - Then use that card and a normal rubber band to perform CUT.

With CUT you'll never be caught short without 'anything on you' ever again.

Learn once. Perform forever.


DISCLAIMER: Step 2 was a joke to have someone else pay for it... but it's true what they say. "You don't ask. You don't get". Please always get the purchasers permission before buying.