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Volume 4

William Tell:Show your archery skills by causing the Ace of Spades to pierce the deck finding a previously selected card. Complete with a "Kicker Ending" and an alternate handling.
Jacob's Ladder:Watch as a single dollar openly and VISUALLY penetrates a rubber band being held by the spectator with NO COVER and without the magician even touching the bill.
The DG Box Steal:Learn a new utility move that will change your card magic forever.
TimeLine 2.0:Garcia tackles the Mystery Card Plot by causing a selected card to change into a previous prediction that has been signed and held by the spectator from the beginning of the effect
The OG Transpo:The magician secures a selected card in a card box and under the spectators hand only to cause it to change places with another selected card instantly. No extra cards, no dupes, and not to mention, both cards can be SIGNED.
Micro Dissolve:An extremely visual impromptu copper/silver transposition using NO EXTRA coins
Scorch:Fire and card magic at its best. Watch as a candle flame slowly vanishes and finds a signed selection by magically scorching the back of the card.
iCard:Included on this dvd is the bonus files for Daniel Garcia's signed card to iPhone. NO APP NEEDED.
Party Perception:Be able to divine a mentally selected word from a beverage container without the use of any prying questions.

Volume 5

Void:Daniel Garcia's completely impromptu handling of Timothy Wenk's MISLEAD. Cause a drinking straw to visually penetrate a dollar bill 3 times, with the last phase being held by a spectator.
In Visible Monte:Perform the classic 3 card Monte all in-the-hands and with the "money card" FACE UP. Complete with an unsuspecting added climax and alternate ending.
Lotto:Visually change a winning lottery ticket into cold hard cash and show each bill 360 degrees.
The Airbrush Change:a modern and fine-tuned handling and medley of Marlo's Face Up Startler Change and Roy Walton's Paintbrush Change.
.44:Magically cause a four of a kind to transpose with another four of a kind in the spectators hands,
Math:Two, and ONLY two, quarters jump from hand to hand and then visually morph together in mid-air changing into a half-dollar.
The Gambler's Swap:Watch as a 4 of a kind magically change places with a 2 of a kind in a spectators hand.
iScatter:Included on this dvd is the bonus files to pull a THOUGHT OF CARD out of your iPhone. NO APP NEEDED
Fire and Smoke:Learn Garcia's version of the classic "Oil And Water" effect. Cause 3 red and 3 black cards to separate and un-mix with no extra cards and apparently no sleight of hand. Complete with a FULL DECK un-mixing that the SPECTATOR shuffles.

Volume 6

V.I.S.A: Visual Instant Static Attraction. Instantly cause the magnetic strips on two credit cards to ACTUALLY become magnetized, attracting and repelling each other.
One Point Production 2.0:An extremely visual production of a single card that can be performed all in-the-hands!
Pop:Magically cause a signed playing card to appear INSIDE of a balloon that the spectator has inflated and is holding.
Vortex:Cause a selected signed card to appear BETWEEN a spectators hands without touching them
Ham and Cheese 2.0:A revamped version of Daniel Garcia's classic effect "White or Wheat" all done in the spectators hands! Magically cause a signed card to appear between two jokers INSTANTLY and VISUALLY.
Static Sandwich:A magical combination of "V.I.S.A" and "Ham and Cheese 2.0" where a selected card visually flies out of the deck and is caught between the two jokers as if attracted my a magnetic force.
On The Rocks:One of the most visual coin through glass effects you will ever learn with NO EXTRA coins!
Tric-Tac:Visually change the color of every single Tic-Tac in the container and IMMEDIATELY let the spectator examine everything.
iATM:Included on this DVD is the bonus files to magically pull money out of your iPhone. NO APP NEEDED
The OK Coin Vanish:Seen on volume two of The Daniel Garcia Project, but not taught, now learn Daniel's one handed coin vanish. Complete with alternate handling.
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  1. project six!

    So far i have only purchased volume six of the six disc serious. The non-card tricks included are absolutely wonderful and very visual and striking. However, the card tricks on this volume, while strong, all feel to me as though they are simply variations of performing the same move. That isnt a bad thing at all, it means that after you master that move youll know exactly what to do with it, but for me, personally, i wish the methods had been a bit more varied or the tricks had been advertised differently.

    the teaching is excellent and detailed, thank you very much daniel, and i really enjoy tric tac. absolutely genius.
    I would highly recommend this dvd.
  2. Standing Ovation to Daniel Garcia

    The material taught in these 3 DVD'S is unbelievable. The practicality of these effects is so great that this is truly the description of being able to perform "anywhere, anytime".
    Every trick is explained in such detail and many with alternate handlings, that one will never fail to perform a trick.
    Well done Daniel.
  3. Incredible..

    When I preform the magic to other people(especially i-phone one) they are SHOCK!!!! Genius work!!! Definitely worth to buy them(all4,5,6)!!!
  4. Incredible.

    Danny has out done himself. Everything on these DVDs are gems. The teaching is classic Garcia, awesome, the incredible in studio explanations teach you how to do every trick without flaw. Danny is an amazing teacher and anything by him is golden.
  5. A must have for any magician!

    I can pretty much sum up the entire 3 volumes in one word; wow. Every single trick, move and technique is so good, so genius it's hard to believe that this thing only costs $35.00! Daniel Garcia goes into great depth when describing each move, so you are never lost, and it's loaded with a ton of Garcia humor. If you're into magic and enjoy Garcia, much like myself, this is a must have!

    These DVD'S are outstanding in quality and... just about everything!

    I was actually watching a trick (William Tell) from the DVD's on Utube when the DVD'S arrived!
  7. Genius Thinking

    It has been an honor working with Daniel Garcia on all 6 volumes. As one of the producers I have nothing bad to say but as a fan of Danny... Well, I still have nothing bad to say. These DVDs are packed to the gigabyte of genius thinking! D.G. is a master at turning vintage ideas into modern day miracles. Highly recommended!