Daniel Madison Download Bundle

Daniel Madison Download Bundle

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The Daniel Madison Download Bundle contains all 7 of Daniel Madison's Instant Download effects in the one special package, saving you $10 off the individual purchase price.

Included in this download are;

Chaos Theory: They think of any card. No force, No B.S. You shuffle the cards face up and face down then reveal their THOUGHT OF CARD is the only face up card in the deck. But it doesn't stop here, you've just controlled Chaos. Now, you restore order...You turn the deck face up and show the entire deck is in perfect order. Their thought of card being reversed exactly where it should be in the deck.

Wreck: "I spend my time showing the participant and spectators card tricks from my repertoire, then to close, I take the deck that has been in use the whole time and rip it clean in half, or only half way, and if that's not enough madness, I then allow the participant to discover their freely selected and signed card completely in tact amongst the wreck."

Three Things: Three things is based on an interesting premise - if you could control every card in the deck - from the spectator’s choice, through multiple cuts and shuffles, right down to the final reveal, how would you prove it? Daniel discusses the psychology of his presentation and why it works for him - but with elements of card cheating, mentalism and magic throughout this three-phase routine, you’ve got a lot to worth with to make it your own.

Heritage: Four playing cards are brought out of the performer’s pocket and introduced as a partial poker hand - that can only be made a winning hand with ONE specific card from the deck. The spectator is asked to shuffle the deck, and then deal a single card to the performer. The performer shows the four cards in his hand to be an inside straight flush - and as the spectator turns over the single card they dealt - it is incredibly the only one in the deck that could have completed the hand.

Crush: A card is chosen, signed, and lost in the deck. The deck is returned to the box and placed on the ground. Without hesitation the deck is stomped on - crushing it completely flat. The performer reaches down and picks up the box, pulling out the only thing left inside… the spectator’s signed card.

Gambler's Cop: For the first time Daniel opens his personal journey with the Gambler's Cop, and shares with you the hidden details that make this move INVISIBLE. This Instant Download contains over 30 minutes of expert advice, tuition and routines, including card to pocket, switches, shifts, loads and vanishes.

Card to Pocket: A multiphase, modular routine, Daniel's teaching focuses on the psychology and framing of the effect to deliver a punch-to-the-throat performance each and every time. Much time is also spent on the nuances of the sleights used to address common mistakes in the card to pocket you may already perform.

This is Madison at his finest, over two hours of top quality teaching. Add the Bundle to your cart today.