Real Secrets of Magic by David Stone - Vol1

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Besides tricks, David Stone, FISM Award winner 2006, gives you priceless advice for starting your career as a professional magician.

Produced and directed by Jean-Luc Bertrand, this DVD offers a new way of learning magic. Tricks with: cards, coins, ropes, bottles, glasses, banknotes, napkins, cigarettes, roses, improvised magic and sponge balls.

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  1. Summary

    The biggest problem with this is that they no longer offer a physical DVD. The information on the DVD is sound though. This isn't necessarily new magic but it is a good collection of magic that works at restaurants. It was filmed very well and David took you through various scenarios and the tricks that would work in each scenario. Each trick has some type of surprise ending which I really liked.

    A little bit of routining would have been nice but I really liked the effects taught .
  2. Genius

    There's no question... David Stone is a genius. I was "On the Fence" for quite some time as to whether this DVD was worth it... It was. His slights are EXTREMELY fluid, and the routines he shows are very visual. The only downfall to this DVD, however, is that he does not teach you with dialogue. He walks through the tricks with different camera angles showing you all the slights and moves, slowing down every so often. After watching the one coin routine for a day and a half (And I wish I were only exaggerating) I still have no idea how he manages to go from a palm to a thumb clip. O.o Another slight downfall is that you need to purchase a few gimmicks as well... But of course you can probably tell from the demo ;)
  3. Who needs gimmicks when you have Stone?

    First and foremost, every single effect in this DVD should be the price of the DVD itself! They are visual, insane, and can be performed pretty much surrounded. And then you get David Stone, who is a wonderful performer who will fool you even once you know all the effects; he's that good. If you have any wish to know how to do magic right, and get killer results, buy this now, and guard it with your life. It will make you amazing.

    For people who have been convinced that killer magic needs gimmicks... watch this DVD and see if you go back. I totally doubt you will.

    One warning: Beginners, some of the stuff is beyond your skill level (get it anyway though, you'll learn if you practice). Get some practice with basic card and coin slight and misdirection before you use this DVD. Be somewhat comfortable about card and coin manipulations as well as terminology of slights (ex. lift, force, etc.)

    Final review: 11/10 - Stone will change your magic as well as your outlook on it. He will also make your wife disappear (which he demonstrates in the DVD)