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  1. lonnie

    I’ll be honest. I thought I was going to be disappointed with these. Mainly because I said I wasn’t going to purchase anything from E. anymore after the the whole Console bugs. But then I got an email notifying me of these cards. So I placed an order and received them on a Saturday. I couldn’t wait to open them because I wanted to see if they were as boring Looking as someone had said. Well..... I did not see how they could be boring. I actually enjoyed the plain looking style. Very open. They do leave a lot of room for signing. But I wouldn’t have anyone sign these. The reason why I gave it 4 stars is because instead of a double sided gaff card with two different colors, I would have rather it been a double backer of the same color the deck is. Just didn’t make sense to me since they don’t make these in red. Any-who..... I like em and will probably pick up a couple more packs just Incase I drop some cards and damage them.
  2. Summary

    Great Scott!! The color changes and fan work you could do with these is just too mind boggling.
  3. Summary

    Got my cards in the mail, so as promised, here is a hands on review. The cards are as advertised, very minimalistic design, nice overall stock and a quality box. If I would change a couple of things, I think that the "Deck of Cards" on the back is unnecessary. Still I imagine then the back would look too much like the Midnight NOCs. Still I'd rather do minimalism to the max and this is just unnecessary. Also the finish is a very heavy visible linen finish like on the Master Keepers which draws ever more from the minimalism. Still these ideas need to be encouraged and I am very happy that I bought them, really nice peace for my collection! Thanks!