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  1. Summary

    Got my cards in the mail, so as promised, here is a hands on review. The cards are as advertised, very minimalistic design, nice overall stock and a quality box. If I would change a couple of things, I think that the "Deck of Cards" on the back is unnecessary. Still I imagine then the back would look too much like the Midnight NOCs. Still I'd rather do minimalism to the max and this is just unnecessary. Also the finish is a very heavy visible linen finish like on the Master Keepers which draws ever more from the minimalism. Still these ideas need to be encouraged and I am very happy that I bought them, really nice peace for my collection! Thanks!
  2. Brendan

    Updated Review: I've received my cards, both decks. I don't know what I expected. I guess I wanted something more, thinking there was a surprise in the cards. It's simple and that's it. What you see here is what you get, your "extra" cards are two blank cards with nothing at all on the face, a card with a red face matching the black back, and a card with the mantra of the deck on it. The case doesn't necessarily ruin itself when you open it, you can still open and close the deck with the card in it without much problem. It handles pretty standard they're quality cards. If this design speaks to you then get them but if you're getting them expecting a surprise you'll be disappointed.
  3. Summary

    The design is amazing. I was always wondering why no one has created something like this yet. The potential for card magic and mentalism is crazy plus it looks dope as hell :) Love the idea, ordered 3 for now to try the stock and then will update the review :)