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Deck Shell Book
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Do you have any idea what can be done by switching a deck?
Here's one effect from the video: A red-backed deck is spread and a card is freely selected and reversed in the deck. This deck never leaves the spectator's sight. The performer brings out a blue card box and removes a blue deck, spreading it on the table. One card is reversed and it matches the selection! In another effect a spectator's signature travels from one deck to another under seemingly impossible conditions.

What is a Deck Shell?
The Deck Shell is a metal base shell that looks like a card box. It fits over a regular card box, as in the illustration. You may not understand quite how to use it from just that description but the video and deck shell book take you through the process from A-Z.

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    I would like to point out to any potential buyers to take into ACCOUNT that BICYCLE deck box designs have changed. The gimmick can still be used but is not as good as it used to be.