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A tight-fitting finger ring is pulled from your finger by a spectator. Within a second, the ring flies back onto your finger at inhuman speed. This is the beginning of De'vo's core ring routine. The move is repeated in different ways, each time the spectator's eyes burn your hands deeper. Let them.

Do it for a room of scientists. Put your hand under a microscope for them. Never repeat a trick? This routine EATS REPETITION for breakfast.

Why do you think De'vo has been performing the De'Ring routine - underground - for more than 20 years? You KNOW De'vo. You KNOW he never performs anything that doesn't smack people in the face with what he is able to do. He is the ultimate manipulator and now he has finally released one of his own personal routines that he has kept underwraps for 20 years.

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    I love the idea that I can have something amazing to perform with a ring that properly fits my finger; no needing a specially sized ring that can only be worn for performance.

    The instructions contain no spoken words. I was worried about this, at first, but found the written "subtitle" style instructions very clear, easy to follow, and were on the screen an appropriate amount of time. I found myself understanding what was going on very quickly, and being able to begin practicing reasonably fast.

    It's going to take some time to become truly fluent with these movements, but I think it is possible given practice.
  2. Summary

    So, I bought this the day it came out ages ago. I loved it. No gimmicks. Nothing. Just a ring and your hands. This stuff is best practiced in a place where you can't lose your ring. Just a heads up! Also, there is a ton of fun stuff on here. There's the core routine, the magic add ons, the flourishes...just a ton of flashy goodness. You will need to put the practice into it. I have made videos on Youtube of me performing this, and I made one every few months and you can see me get better and better. This means, it does take time to get this perfect. But, it's just so visual. It's worth it. I highly recommend this.
  3. Summary

    Yes, it's true. There are no vocal instructions on this DVD so you need to ask yourself if learning a totally amazing effect is worth reading the subtitles *and* watching the movements at the same time. It is? Oh good. Read on.

    De'Ring is flashy and amazing and everything I look for in a bar or other social setting and quickly get a crowd. The mechanics are simple. Performing these at speed is not. It will require a lot of slow practice and, yes, a ring.

    If you're type to practice a single technique slowly over days, weeks, and maybe months to really perfect it knowing full well that the payoff with be worth every second than this DVD is for you. If not, well, I feel sorry for you.