Devils Peek from Nate Kranzo

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This is a real worker. No more crazy peek devices, impression pads or special pens. Just someone's thought.

A business card is chosen from a stack, and a spectator writes down a name, shape, number - anything on the back of the card, out of view of the magician.

The card is then inserted into an envelope - and can be held by the spectator. With no folds, tears, devices or gimmicks, you've already divined their thought using the devil's peek.

From Nathan Kranzo's 'Boondock Mental', Devil's Peek is a best-kept secret, direct from a real performer's working repertoire.
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  1. Summary

    One of the best and cleanest peeks out there, almost impossible to spot by anyone except a master magician. Highly recommended for the ability to hand out afterwards, fully inspectable and fluent. Brilliant.
  2. Summary

    Its not to shabby, I thought it would be more, but the easy stuff hits the hardest .