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Lloyd Barnes has assaulted the ambitious card plot with this hyper-visual melting of a signed selection through deck.

Throwing out the rule book, Lloyd has created a visual ending to his Ambitious Card that he has used for years.

Slowly sink a signed-card through the deck, or watch it unmistakably rise to top...WITH ZERO COVER.

- Normal deck
- Easy to do
- Perform surrounded

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Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 27 Minutes

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  1. Summary

    I've always been reluctant to do Ambitious Card because I never had a good enough ending (I had one, but it's not great). This was very helpful and practical!

    A side note: It does require a gimmick (extremely easy to make and easy to hide within a deck), but you can easily get away clean with this trick while surrounded!
  2. Summary

    Very clever thinking, I really liked this trick, the gimmick is simple but very effective, I do not mind if I need to use gimmick , as long as the impact is high, and this is one such high impact trick
  3. Summary

    When "normal deck" is listed, I think of 52 clean cards without any gaffs or gimmicks. This does contain a gaffed card. If you are anti-gaff like me then you should not buy this trick as it is misleading in its advertisement.