Dimension by Duane Williams

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Great magic is defined by visuals. 

The visuals of Dimension astound. Even in slow motion.

Dimension is a compact gimmick made easily from household items.

This tiny accomplice can be brought in and out of play at any time. Producing a coin through bottle that's simply on another level.

- No holes.

- No slits.

- No selling your soul.


SIDENOTE: Duane actually picked up an empty bottle from the gutter when showing Team E this effect during filming. It floored them all.

Together for the first time

Learn Dimension INSTANTLY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Derek

    May 2018

    The simplicity of this is what makes it so good. Another thing, this trick is not limited to bottles. I've also used empty cans which help provide much more cover as well as a more audible effect.

  • by Philip

    Apr 2018

    Excellent tutorial, performed and taught wonderfully I will say there is a bit of a problem with localization since for this to be completely clean it might cost me 15 bucks every time I do it....

    Without giving things away, this trick is best done in Canada or the UK. If you live elsewhere it's not impossible, you'll just need to be prepared to supplement this purchase with another.

  • by Brian

    Mar 2018

    Mind blowing with the video. With the tutorial it was jaw dropping. I am new to magic and once he showed it I was like, wow. Just wow. This is amazing. There are some things to buy and possibly modify the trick with depending on the country of origin. Over all this is the first trick I have purchased and I can't wait to try it out.