Dimension by Duane Williams

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Great magic is defined by visuals. 

The visuals of Dimension astound. Even in slow motion.

Dimension is a compact gimmick made easily from household items.

This tiny accomplice can be brought in and out of play at any time. Producing a coin through bottle that's simply on another level.

- No holes.

- No slits.

- No selling your soul.


SIDENOTE: Duane actually picked up an empty bottle from the gutter when showing Team E this effect during filming. It floored them all.

Together for the first time

Learn Dimension INSTANTLY.

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  1. Summary

    I love this trick!!! Amazing. But I would recommend Ellusionist should have sold or send the required household items with it because one item I needed to spend extra money (£3) to get it. However, on the whole it's a must have and Duane Williams is just a good teacher and magician.
  2. Summary

    Simply awesome. For the folks in the U.S. I would highly recommend the coins from Ellusionist ( the new ones ). Also finding the right bottle to do it in is challenging but its worth the hunt ..... Starbucks has great glass bottles .... I am really happy with the download and the different handlings for it. great. Job
  3. Summary

    I love this trick! It gets everyone all the time!! A borrowed bottle and a quick switch of a coin (because I live in the US) and it works flawlessly after a little practice.
  4. Summary

    Everybody should buy THIS.
    It takes a little bit of practice but when you get it down it's so good.
  5. Summary

    I love the method and the way this looks. The problem is that it does not work with ANY US coins. I don't want to use coins of a different nationality as there is no good reason to justify them. I wish this had been a disclaimer or something because there is no way for me to perform the trick without using the next closest thing... washers :(
  6. Summary

    I have never been more satisfied with any trick that I have purchased. A bargain at twice the price. What are you waiting for?
  7. Summary

    When I performed it in front of the mirror, it also amazed me! No kidding! This is the new generation of coin in a bottle!
  8. Summary

    This is a very clever trick, but the first way to do it won't work with American Coins. I was pretty upset about that, but it was only $9, so at least I found out how to do it.
  9. Summary

    I must say, this is a very clever method. I have seen a lot of coin in bottle routines that require a coin already inside the bottle and the bottle being planted. Whats great about this is once you make the very simple and strait forward gimmicks and have one on you, you can perform this with any bottle as long as the top is big enough to fit the coin of course. I'm actually giving this a 4.5 because one of the items needed to make the gimmicks can be a bit of a hassle to find. But once you do you can carry it anywhere and do it with almost any bottle. I recommend, Dimension. *Exposure removed*
  10. Summary

    This is the kind of trick we love. Ultra visual, crafty, and clean.