Dimension by Duane Williams

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Great magic is defined by visuals. 

The visuals of Dimension astound. Even in slow motion.

Dimension is a compact gimmick made easily from household items.

This tiny accomplice can be brought in and out of play at any time. Producing a coin through bottle that's simply on another level.

- No holes.

- No slits.

- No selling your soul.


SIDENOTE: Duane actually picked up an empty bottle from the gutter when showing Team E this effect during filming. It floored them all.

Together for the first time

Learn Dimension INSTANTLY.

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  1. Summary

    No words. Simply great.
  2. Summary

    This download is amazing. It was my first purchase here on ellusionist and its great for beginners and more skilled magicians . It had great explanations and tips. Would recommend to anyone.
  3. Summary

    By far the best effect I have purchased ever!!!!! This is the first review I have ever left for a magic trick but thought I had to with this one.

    When practising in the mirror you even fool yourself.

    I can't believe it is only $9!
  4. Summary

    This is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. My first coin in bottle, and it is amazing. This is also my first actual purchase from ellusionist (the other being the broken bridge shuffle by daniel madison - check that out) and it does not disappoint. Such amazing visuals, and for an amazing price. This is something you have got to buy. Don't read any other comments, just buy it.
  5. Summary

    This is just amazing. Best coin in bottle I have done. End so clean that you kind of fool yourself. I thought it would be hard to do at first, but it actually comes pretty easy. Just an amazing effect. Hope to see more of his work in the future.
  6. Summary

    I have bought a lot of magic and must say this is one of the best effects I have bought. Apart from being very visual and clean, the price is really well placed. I thought it would cost a little more. The best part is that I actually see myself performing this effect. So do yourself a favour and buy this trick right now! Thank you Duane!
  7. Summary

    Literally my all time favourite download. Worth every penny. This could have for triple and I would still be happy.
    This is one of magic's greatest plots and in my humble opinion Duane's method is the most diabolically ingenious ever invented.
  8. Summary

    The idea and trick itself is great !
    The downside is that it can not be done with all currency (ie. Australian coins).
    So I feel a little ripped off in that part as I can not perform this at all without purchasing further more gimmicks that are quite pricey themselves.
  9. Summary

    Love the trick so I'm still going to give it 5 stars, but I'm pretty bummed out that I'm in the US and this trick really can't work with borrowed US coins. Bring-your-own coin is no problem though! Awesome handling and trick.
  10. Summary

    While the effect appears to be good, this cannot be performed with any US coin, none. I wasted $9.