Doppelganger Control by Justin Miller

Downloadable Video
Taking inspiration from Ernest Earick's 'By Forces Unseen', Doppelganger is a one-handed, no duplicate card control perfect for anytime you need to show a card in the centre of the pack.

A card is displayed at the top of the deck and cleanly placed into the center of the pack, still visibly out-jogged. The deck is raised to verify the identity of the protruding card, and then lowered back to performance height. The deck is squared and immediately the top card can be revealed - the chosen card has been perfectly controlled.

An undeniable convincer in an ACR, Doppelganger is the "no-move move" you'll be playing with all weekend.

Difficulty: Beginner.
Run Time: 5 minutes.
Format: Download.

Customer Reviews

  • by Ryan

    Apr 2016

    Amazing control! Going to use this mostly for a signed card sandwich routine! Great job Justin!

  • by Jared Gibson

    May 2015

    Beautiful move, very much worth the price. Practice this one every day and you'll have a very powerful weapon to use in your ambitious card routine.

  • by 8ofclubz

    May 2014

    Awesome!! Simply amazing! I do this in front of the mirror over and over again just to see how awesome it looks. I've only used this once in front of an audience of 4 people, just to test the water, and it went great! I use it as a utility ( as I believe it is intended, not to show the card back on top like in the demo, but more of a convincer to show the card is really in the middle of the pack. I also have the book, and have used the move from which this was inspired. (Stephen Minch - By Forces Unseen) which is a great book, but JM has simplified the move and shows a one handed version of it, which is this doppleganger. Get this! It takes quite a bit of practice to get the timing right, but keep practicing and it'll be a go-to move of yours once mastered. It is for me already :)