Dragon Fly by Peter McKinnon

Dragon Fly by Peter McKinnon
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Black Club Members, As magicians, we are constantly innovating.

Many of us have half-finished ideas, concepts, sleights and tricks that we've forgotten. Some of these we re-discover and they grow into some of our favourites.

This is Dragonfly.

It's a fun little swivel clip / hand to hand transfer. I never had a use for it, or a name. It wasn't until we were shooting our newest project with Ollie Mealing that I had the idea of making it into a control.

I came up with a method that resembled something Dan & Dave Buck put out in their 2011 release, If an octopus could palm. In recent conversations with Dan Buck, I learned they have a similar technique used in a routine called "Seduction". This was published in their 2010 lecture notes.

As Black Club members, I am releasing this exclusively to you at no cost. I believe magic should be shared and as a thank-you for your continued support and loyalty with Ellusionist, I invite you to step inside Dragonfly. Learn it, Practice it, and see where you can take it.

Until next time, start a riot.

Customer Reviews

  • by Mark Blancken

    Nov 2015

    Excellent control! When added to a sloppy shuffle can add up to a mind blowing trick! Thanks Pete! Well done sir!

  • by Michael Sweeney

    Mar 2014

    This control is absolutely amazing! I actually started using it the day I got it, the move is that easy. I turned this control in to a fourth phase of Card to Pocket, and it gets some amazing reactions!

  • by Drake Ma

    Mar 2014

    Just joined the Black Club today!!! It's awesome that we have some clever utility moves like this free to the club members. I think I'm gonna use it in my AC routine or maybe Card in the Hand.