Ellusionist Black Wristband

Ellusionist Black Wristband
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These sleek black wristband are not only functional (if looking good can be considered a function), they also support a good cause. Helping you look great.

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  1. Summary

    This band is cool. I wish it wasn't jammed up in a little zip lock bag. It made it all bent up and I haven't got it to be completely circular yet and I have been wearing high up on my arm trying to stretch it out for about a month now. Even stretched it around a glass for a couple hours a few times and its still oval shaped. Other than that I dig it!
  2. Summary

    The band looks and feels great! It was a bit bent up when I first got it, but it smoothed out over time.
  3. Summary

    I really like the look of this, though it came to me in the mail pressed the wrong way -_- I now have it under some books trying to bend the rubber band back to it's regular position so I can wear it properly. I'm still giving it five stars because I like the look, and it is comfortable still. Once I get it creased properly it will be perfect :) Thanks again!

    -Mitchell Moore