Ellusionist Black Wristband

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Ellusionist Black Wristband
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These sleek black wristband are not only functional (if looking good can be considered a function), they also support a good cause. Helping you look great.

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  1. Summary

    This band is cool. I wish it wasn't jammed up in a little zip lock bag. It made it all bent up and I haven't got it to be completely circular yet and I have been wearing high up on my arm trying to stretch it out for about a month now. Even stretched it around a glass for a couple hours a few times and its still oval shaped. Other than that I dig it!
  2. Summary

    The band looks and feels great! It was a bit bent up when I first got it, but it smoothed out over time.
  3. Summary

    I really like the look of this, though it came to me in the mail pressed the wrong way -_- I now have it under some books trying to bend the rubber band back to it's regular position so I can wear it properly. I'm still giving it five stars because I like the look, and it is comfortable still. Once I get it creased properly it will be perfect :) Thanks again!

    -Mitchell Moore
  4. Summary

    I wear this everyday and people always ask what it means. It's a great ice breaker to introduce your ability to do magic!
  5. Summary

    I really like this a lot! Its a nice bracelet to wear out.
  6. Summary

    I love the flat black look on this thing! People will often ask what does it say, and then you hit em with a magic trick ! Great way to open a set
  7. Summary

    A very nice and simple wristband which fits snugly around my wrist, there's not much to say other than it will be another point of interest for your audience. I'd suggest this as a gift for a friend who's into magic and appreciates what the wristband signify's.
  8. Summary

    Don't know what it is about these types of bracelets, but kids love them. Purchased 2 (1 for son, 1 for daughter) and they wear them everywhere. Took off one star due to price. On the flip side, my kids are no longer wearing their fitness pool access bracelets (which cost $10-$15 to replace) so I guess you could consider it saving money.
  9. Summary

    I love this black band on my wrist especially when people ask me to show my hand clear :)
  10. Summary

    All of your custom designs, with your name are a HUGE hit! My son proudly shows off EVERYTHING! This along with the Ellusionist patches were practically his favorite Christmas gifts!! Thank you!!