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See who is ranked to win BIG Prizes. Get in there and knock them off -- If you can!


The Ellusionist Holiday Giveaway is now on – from Noon EST November 17th 2015 to 11:59pm PST December 31st 2015.

The 2015 Holiday Giveaway brings with it a brand new way to win amazing prizes – Card Wars. Card Wars is an immersive Card Throwing game where points are awarded for hitting Team Ellusionist Characters with Playing Cards. The higher your score, the higher you rank on the Leaderboard.

Orders over $25 (EXCLUDING SHIPPING) will award an Entry Token against your account. The highest score from any one game will be listed on the Leaderboard on completion of that game. The more you spend on orders, the more entries you receive.

In addition, all qualifying entrants will receive 3 free games available to be played at your first successful login. You do not need to play all your games at once, they will still be there if you want to play another time.

IMPORTANT: When you enter your information for the first time, our system will then look for ALL the orders that you've placed Since Nov 17/2015 and give you the appropriate number of games for all your orders. IE. If you placed two orders for $25 each, then logging in once will give you your 2 games, plus the free ones each account gets. Order totals are not added. You are only given games based on your per order value.

If the grand total of your order was $300, but you paid $5 in shipping, then your applicable order value would be $295, just shy of the total needed to reach the next level of games given.

If your subtotal was $450, but you received $150 in discounts and promotions, then the order total that would be used would be $450-$150=$300, so you would be awarded games based on that total after discounts.

Orders over $25 Receive 1 Game
Orders over $75 Receive 2 Games
Orders over $150 Receive 4 Games
Orders over $300 Receive 7 Games
Orders over $450 Receive 10 Games
Orders over $600 Receive 12 Games
Orders over $1000 Receive 15 Games
Orders over $1500 Receive 20 Games
Orders over $2000 Receive 25 Games

The Top 100 players will be listed on the Card Wars Leaderboard, which will be finalized as of January 1st, 2016. Players will win the associated prize based on their position on the Leaderboard. See Terms and Conditions