Empire by Cody Nottingham

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Empire ruptures the boundaries of the torn & restored card plot.

The problem with most TnR's is the amount of 'cover' needed for your dirty work.

We've all done that Bear-claw palm after the restoration. Thinking... "PLEASE DON'T CATCH ME"

Cody Nottingham to the rescue.

Empire takes all the heat from your performance with a silky smooth restoration of an indifferent prediction.

Followed by an immediate transposition that they'll NEVER see coming.

- No hidden finger-palmed pieces.
- No magnets
- Always ready to perform

There's a million ways to show someone magic, but only one way to make them believe.

Let them feel it.

Download Empire TODAY.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 17 minutes
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  1. Summary

    The absolute worst "Torn and Restored" card trick I've ever purchased or seen. You can't hand it out and it looks terrible. The tutorial was poorly made with music playing during the teaching part. He also flashed multiple times. This type of sloppy presentation is disappointing.
  2. Summary

    Very nice effect, you can take both the gimmick and some duplicate cards on your wallet. Make 2 or 3 more gimmicks, and you are ready to perform a great piece of illusion. 5/5
  3. Summary

    It's a great trick, especially for the price but there a couple of down sides. You cannot hand out your card. And the spectator cannot look at their card whilst restoring the card. The tutorial also doesn't match the trailer completely and leaves some guess work on a certain part. But still, its cheap and in the end a really great trick 4/5.
  4. Summary

    The effect is amazing......for the price is definetly worth......it rocks the spectator at the core......some people say it's not good because you can't handle the gimmicked card to the spectator, but you can easily find a way to switch the gimmik with a normal card......at that point it become's a killer effect
  5. Summary

    I love it and for the price its a must buy.
  6. Summary

    Ok... Rethink. One of the best reactions I've got since doing... Oh! for god's sake! ITS AMAZING!!
  7. Summary

    Empire looks great in person. It takes some practice, but its a very visual restoration and change. I've got two complaints that hold back the trick from being very practical for close-up. The first is that the performance requires, of course, a ripped card. This means that you can use each gimmick you make only a handful of times (depending on the number of disposable decks you have). I only show it to people when I'm really trying to impress them, because I don't feel like buying a 3 dollar pack of cards per gimmick. The second problem is that the card is not examinable. It looks great, even close-up, but if you are performing for those heavy skeptics, they will no doubt ask you to hand out the card.

    Anyway, the trick looks great. It's angle-sensitive, but that's not too much of an issue for me. Its inexpensive, so if you like what you see, its worth the purchase. Cheers!
  8. Summary

    The trick itself is perfect. Easy to perform, not a lot to think about and the gimmick will last many performances. My only concern is that to perform it more than once you will need to break open more decks. We all have trash decks, but we don't all have enough to cater performing this trick as a regular performance.
    Well worth the $5 for the gimmick itself as you can easily use it to create other effects!
  9. Summary

    I agree with Andy, something is totally off about this routine. The production of the prediction card is totally out of left field, and the trailer for this trick is misleading in that you would tear the prediction card in half then restore it... Overall, the gimmick is OK, but as Andy said, the overall routine needs significant work.
  10. Summary

    This trick is easily worth the 5 bucks. Yes it requires you to make a simple gimmick, and yes you pretty much have to make it PERFECT, assuming you want a PERFECT performance, but the angles are great, there are no ditches or super difficult moves, and I feel like it would be a great card trick to do and then move straight onto something else while everybody is still trying to process what they just saw! You will definitely need to practice this one in front of a mirror but once you get it down it is a super simple move and will no doubt get great reactions.