Empire by Cody Nottingham

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Empire ruptures the boundaries of the torn & restored card plot.

The problem with most TnR's is the amount of 'cover' needed for your dirty work.

We've all done that Bear-claw palm after the restoration. Thinking... "PLEASE DON'T CATCH ME"

Cody Nottingham to the rescue.

Empire takes all the heat from your performance with a silky smooth restoration of an indifferent prediction.

Followed by an immediate transposition that they'll NEVER see coming.

- No hidden finger-palmed pieces.
- No magnets
- Always ready to perform

There's a million ways to show someone magic, but only one way to make them believe.

Let them feel it.

Download Empire TODAY.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 17 minutes

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Customer Reviews

  • by Jose A.

    Mar 2017

    Very nice effect, you can take both the gimmick and some duplicate cards on your wallet. Make 2 or 3 more gimmicks, and you are ready to perform a great piece of illusion. 5/5

  • by Jeroen

    Dec 2016

    It's a great trick, especially for the price but there a couple of down sides. You cannot hand out your card. And the spectator cannot look at their card whilst restoring the card. The tutorial also doesn't match the trailer completely and leaves some guess work on a certain part. But still, its cheap and in the end a really great trick 4/5.

  • by Federico Gentile

    Dec 2016

    The effect is amazing......for the price is definetly worth......it rocks the spectator at the core......some people say it's not good because you can't handle the gimmicked card to the spectator, but you can easily find a way to switch the gimmik with a normal card......at that point it become's a killer effect