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Special Forces operators have a slogan: “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”


The same applies to card magic.


Dennis Kim's Ephemera is an assembly of smooth visual moves.






PORTRAIT OF ESCHER - Dennis' favorite trick to perform. By concentrating on a freely selected card, all other card faces vanish. Then, the card they thought they saw is the ONLY blank card in the deck. 

EPHEMERA - A Blackjack pair vanishes completely, but before your spectators mind can accept it as fact, they instantly arrive back in your hands. A 'WTF' moment. 

SILK ROAD - This gets the #1 spot for us and is worth the price of admission. A 4-to-1 transposition that's 100% dirty and ludicrously bold but looks SOOO good. Instant must-learn. 

PARTING - Calling all move monkeys. Oh, there you are... Parting (as seen in the trailer) is a double sandwich routine that moonlights as a 4 card location effect. Get out the band-aids. Your fingers are gonna hurt after this. 



• DPS - The diagonal palm shift is one of the most useful and under-utilized steals in magic. Dennis teaches you a way to pull it off invisibly. Without obvious finger movements. 

• JECHT LIFT - Okay, we'll be honest. We thought this was a single card flourish when we saw it. Are you fooled too? Dennis teaches you this perfect double turnover where the cards stick together like glue. 

• KNUCKLE PALM - A variation on the Erdnase palm technique that uses no breaks and no get-ready to flawlessly palm a card from the bottom of the deck. 

• VERNON TRANSFER - Switch 4 cards for 4 cards whilst turning the deck over. Dennis' take on Vernon's famous transfer is almost like an optical illusion. The motion and move are dance partners. 


+ BONUS TIPS on the pinky count, palming & sleight-of-hand angles.


In over 40 minutes of expert tuition, Tony Chang's protege flips the lid on every move, trick & tip he has ever created.


No secrets, no holding back. Everything laid bare.


Pure, unadulterated sleight-of-hand.


Download EPHEMERA.


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  1. Lorenzo

    Its a really good video but he didn't explain the first trick in the beginning of the trailer and I think it's a little bit overpriced because most things were just variation of basic moves that advanced magicians know
  2. Cory

    Really awesome, fun stuff in here. Will take a lot of practice, but well worth it! Wish there would have been at least a brief explanation for the anti-faro needed in one of the tricks. Highly recommended!
  3. joshua

    Finally had the time to sit down with this one.

    First off - 5 stars on the concepts and methods. Beautiful and elegant ideas.

    I am getting back into magic, saw this video, and knew it would be above my rusty skill level. I've had the cards back in my hands every day now for about six months.

    However I find that (in all things really) I learn best by trying things that are a little out of reach.

    I get ideas for the future and when I go back to moves that I've been working on I am more comfortable and proficient from the effort and time.

    The description is (unintentionally I am quite sure) a bit misleading and I should have known better when I saw the running time but it didn't register for some reason, so I am writing this review because I wouldn't have made the purchase if I had read one like it going in. The description made it sound like exactly what I was looking for.

    There is not a lot of what I would consider "teaching" in this video. He shows you how to do the (again - beautiful, wonderful, A+ ) tricks. Yes there are a couple of minutes of slight variations on established sleights.

    But this is a great magician letting you in on how he does things not an instructional video that goes into any depth. So if you're like me, bookmark it - get comfortable with all the moves you can make out from the trailer and are mentioned in the description - then buy it.
  4. Forrest

    The routines are gorgeous. Well articulated and thought out. This is the kind of card magic I want to see and perform. Congratulations Dennis you’ve developed masterful works. Honestly I’ve been reaching for everything Tony has ever taught as well because of this project, well done. You do your instructor proud.
  5. sam

    Product is fantastic! So good!
    Some of the moves are very challenging. If you can perfect it, you can definitely amaze people away.
  6. david

    This makes me so fucking happy. Dennis Kim, you are a genius.
  7. hari

    It's f***** awesome
  8. Casey

    I used to think I was good at card magic, then I bought "Ephemera" and now I want to throw myself off a cliff. The magic world isn't ready for Dennis.
  9. Snir

    This is incredible, Dennis is a genius, so smooth, so clever, everything is expertly and flawlessly explained. I highly recommend all of you to buy this product.