Erdnase x Madison


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Customer Reviews

  • by Lonzo Ball

    Jul 2018

    Best thing I've ever bought. It is worth it just for the false shuffles and false deals. If you liked Mechanic, you will love this project since it goes even more in depth and teaches more moves. More importantly you will learn that Erdnase was not so great after all, and that Madison has taken what he learned from Erdnase and made the moves better, so you should be glad this project is not just teaching Erdnase. This project is also not teaching how to actually cheat, but rather how to use these skills in demonstrations.

  • by Alireza Pouryousef

    May 2018

    I only got the videos so i can say nothing about the deck, but the quality and the teaching is just absolutely phenomenal. I got the full foundation series, Mechanic, Wesly James's Erdnase and obviously this one. I guess if you wanna learn the sleights on video you can never go wrong with this. Compared to mechanic there aren't much newer sleights but everything is more detailed. A lot of what he teaches had been published either in Moves Project or Mechanic. The video is 8 hours long and almost half of it is his philosophies and ideas about this art, which is always worth watching. Even if you learn everything perfectly it isn't complete and doesn't make you Steve Forte. But if you are a beginner or intermediate you can definitely use it to get to a decent knowledge and ability in crooked gambling sleights.
    The only down side about it is the price. Always in all video downloads you pay much more than a book like Expert at the Card Table or Expert Card Technique.
    If you want a cheaper way of learning these sleights you can simply buy a book for less than half the price.
    But if you are like me and can't learn from books easily this download is the best place to get you started.

  • by Sebastian

    Mar 2018

    It is not worth the money if you already bought Mechanic. He teaches nothing really new, one false in the hand shuffle and the rest which is new in this project he even said that he's nearly embarrassed to teach this, because it is so obvious. The only good thing in this project is his opinion the whole cheating demonstration.
    I´m very disappointed in this project and I think I´ve wasted my money.