Erdnase x Madison


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Customer Reviews

  • by Sebastian

    Mar 2018

    It is not worth the money if you already bought Mechanic. He teaches nothing really new, one false in the hand shuffle and the rest which is new in this project he even said that he's nearly embarrassed to teach this, because it is so obvious. The only good thing in this project is his opinion the whole cheating demonstration.
    I´m very disappointed in this project and I think I´ve wasted my money.

  • by Mark

    Nov 2017

    It has been awhile since I ordered any online magic or card training product and I stumbled upon this trailer and of course the other reviews.

    This is great stuff. I've had it only a week and I find myself constantly watching the videos over and over, and I've only watched one on false shuffling. The instruction is fantastic and the cards are incredible. I just wish I wasn't so late to the game because i would love to get my hands on a couple more ExM decks.

    Highly recommended. You will correct previous faults and gain a fresh perspective on old moves . Nice work Daniel.

  • by Dom Jo

    Oct 2017

    This is the best tool to help you develop sleights you already know, and learn sleights you don't.