Evolve by Nicholas Lawrence

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  1. Summary

    I really don't like gimmicked tricks but this one hits home with me. It will take a bit to construct it the first time but after that it becomes fairly easy. There are only two things I have a problem with. First it could come in a better DVD case. The one it comes in is thick cardstock stuff. Second, for the price they should have sent some extra "supplies" just in case you want to make a second one or misplace some of the other materials. But overall it's a pretty good trick and I'm satisfied.
  2. Summary

    With a little attention to detail this effect is very easy to set up. After setting it up, it took me maybe 20 minutes to get the effect down and off I was amazing people with this great great effect, Thank you, worth every cent.
  3. Summary

    Ok, this really comes down to you putting in the work. In my opinion this is not for a hobbyist. If you invest the time, I assure you there is a reward. I've used this for even my toughest critics and blew them away. VERY well thought out concept, versatile, and crazy smooth with practice. Once you get the hard part out of the way (with insanely detailed instruction and soothing soundtrack to match), it's worth the money and time. Yes the sound track is important, you'll see why.