Executive Playing Cards Deck

Executive Playing Cards Deck
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Executive is stripped of embellishments such as embossing and foils. It knows what it is and sticks to it, without distraction.

Each card was custom designed, and then designed again, to ensure that it brought forth our vision.

Dark, subtle designs make Executive the quintessential gentleman's deck.  The backs boast a black on black design with hints of grey to add a subtle appearance. 

Curated by Ellusionist's own Chief Executive, these are playing cards born from a collaboration of designers - whose clients include Nike, RedBull and KidRobot - every detail unique and custom to the Executive brand - courts, indexes, a gorgeous Ace and sleek, simple box.

Executive is not the next move in playing cards. It's full Checkmate.

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  1. Summary

    This deck is so smooth and beautiful.
  2. Summary

    Very classy, enjoyable deck to riffle, bridge, and fan again and again. Friends always compliment the look of these very well designed playing cards
  3. Summary

    Its an amazing deck, luxury feel to it, Professional look and feel. Im always carrying them with me. This deck inspired new illusions and made it possible to conceal other gimmicks i use... Because of this deck. I'm buying decks only from E.
  4. Summary

    This deck is amazing! It is smooth as butter to handle. The custom pips and court cards look great! This truly is a fantastic deck.
  5. Summary

    This is the deck that has that VIP artistic touch and a high quality stock that many people I know have been looking for. These cards handle excellently, the stock provides a little extra grip while holding multiple cards and hand after hand they continue to stay crisp, clean and durable. 5 stars for this deck as it is a piece of Executive class.
  6. Summary

    One of my personal favorites. Out of all my decks, this one has that luxury feel to it. The cards handle well and they do truly look 'executive'. And I love how the court cards look, very unique. Just having a deck like this in a poker game would amaze people for sure.
  7. Summary

    This is an amazing set of cards i got one deck and im prepared to get some more because its absolutely graceful practicing with them is great and although some tricks are harder to pull of sleights and other fast paced tricks look amazing and its a very classy deck and is great for poker and feels just as good and if not better than the artifice decks which is my other personal favorite so if you have the money its a great buy.
  8. Summary

    The Executive cards perform smoothly and offer a certain finesse that is difficult to compare to non-Ellusionist playing cards. The color scheme is great, and the art and stock excellent. However, performance is slightly hindered by the black border on the back contrasting with the white faces. This can potentially ruin certain techniques.
  9. Summary

    Cool deck, very classy deck with a LOT of customization. Hard to hide moves with this deck though and it is IMPOSSIBLE to conceal a card facing the wrong direction. Great deck to practice with but not practical for performance, not complaining, well well worth 7 bucks
  10. Summary

    Very sleek and elegant, an amazing deck for poker at a formal party. These card handle so well defiantly one of my favorite decks