Executive Playing Cards Deck

Executive Playing Cards Deck
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Executive is stripped of embellishments such as embossing and foils. It knows what it is and sticks to it, without distraction.

Each card was custom designed, and then designed again, to ensure that it brought forth our vision.

Dark, subtle designs make Executive the quintessential gentleman's deck.  The backs boast a black on black design with hints of grey to add a subtle appearance. 

Curated by Ellusionist's own Chief Executive, these are playing cards born from a collaboration of designers - whose clients include Nike, RedBull and KidRobot - every detail unique and custom to the Executive brand - courts, indexes, a gorgeous Ace and sleek, simple box.

Executive is not the next move in playing cards. It's full Checkmate.

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    This deck is so smooth and beautiful.
  2. Summary

    Very classy, enjoyable deck to riffle, bridge, and fan again and again. Friends always compliment the look of these very well designed playing cards
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    Its an amazing deck, luxury feel to it, Professional look and feel. Im always carrying them with me. This deck inspired new illusions and made it possible to conceal other gimmicks i use... Because of this deck. I'm buying decks only from E.