Coin Shell Expanded

Coin Shell Expanded
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A coin shell can be an amazing thing in the right hands. Properly using this at the right time, and the right place can turn magic into miracles. 100's of routines have been thought of using this versatile gimmick.
One example would be showing making one coin multiply into two coins and then vanishing one of those coins to show only one again.

NOTE: Instructions come with the expanded shells, and you can find more excellent coin effects with a shell in Bobo Modern Coin Magic.

Our shells are made by acclaimed coin maker Roy Keupper and are available in US Half Dollar, Canadian Quarter, US Quarter and UK 10 Pence.

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  1. Great shells

    These are the best shells on the market, I recommend them 100%.
  2. exelent detail

    this expanded coin shell is identical to a normal quarter, i have purchased the half dollar and loved it so i had to come back for the quarter, the infinite posibilities of this item makes it so cheap, because there are so many tricks, complete bhooks on the use of expanded shell, i just love it, its always in my pocket.
  3. just awesome

    i love the half dollar shell so much i have found ways to use it in all my coin routines, Roy K. has completely out done him self the designing of these shells is almost flawless people really freak, with all the possibilities you can make coins travel one by one from one hand into an empty drinking glass or to a pocket or even make it appear on the spectators person. the possibilities are truly only limited by ur imagination
  4. it is probably one of the greatest magic gimmicks around

    The Expanded shell is the only other gimmick I carry on me. Truly versatile in use, it is probably one of the greatest magic gimmicks around.
  5. ....Wow.....

    Wow. I use these shells with my m5 and they are perfect. These are only limited by your imagination.
  6. Incredible...literally thousands of tricks can be accomplished.

    Incredible...literally thousands of tricks can be accomplished.
  7. Awsome!!! It's so awsome!

    Awsome!!! It's so awsome!