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  1. Summary

    As with most DM books published there is a lot of good content buried beneath the sometimes cryptic descriptions riddled with spelling errors.

    DM is a master at deception, and that much is clear with this latest release, but it's a little hard to wade through some of the cloak and dagger. It would be better to temper DM's style with a bit more straightforward presentation in the explanations and having a good editor check for spelling and grammar. Because it's really distracting, and I own all of DM's books, it's a consistent flaw that takes away from the quality of the finished product.

    5 stars for content, 1 star for presentation, length, and price, and two stars overall.
  2. Summary

    Really disappointed, like others, the book (call it book is too much is more a Brochure), 40 small pages poorly printed.
    35$ for this is really a robbery (sorry Ellusionist team)
  3. Summary

    Two stars because the content is good, especially if you want to make videos for the internet, or want a quick demonstration.

    I take three stars off as the book is clearly rushed, poorly printed and multiple spelling errors barley going into detail. This is not a $35 book. For such a small booklet with 40 pages this should be $15-20.

    Wait for this book to be updated, and the price reduced, then you'll get you moneys worth.
  4. Summary

    Extremely disappointed with this purchase, it feels like DM forced this book to get out there asap. everything about the book from the faded printing to the surprisingly large amount of spelling errors felt rushed. DMs style of writing does not come across as deep, intricate and complex but confusing and unnecessarily complicated. something as simple as DM arbitrarily assigning his own way of describing finger positions with "finger one finger two" but without explanation is frustrating. This 40 page little book is definitely not worth $35. Exposure should be reprinted, proof-read and simplified.
  5. Summary

    There is some clever thinking in this book. Most of it is not practical for the real world given that this book is the manual for how to do some demonstrations that were specifically created for video. That being said I really like the click lap and the running lap. Both of these will go into my repertoire. Diamonds is also very clever, and a possible real world routine if you have the skill to set it up on the fly. What you will not get from this book is a selection of effects that you will perform for others. What you will get is an interesting perspective on magic that will force you to think in new and different ways. The only real qualm I have with the book now that I've read through it a few times is that the printing is awful light, and at times a bit difficult to read. I'm not sure if this is a stylistic choice, or if my copy was just misprinted.
  6. Summary

    its a small book with big secrets.
    your money will be well invested.
  7. Summary

    I purchased this book directly from Madison some time ago and it was money well spent. Videos such as VOID and SPADES destroyed my mind for so long and I was so happy to find out the secrets. As Madison explains, this book will really take your video demonstrations to a new level. Some simple ideas in the book can spawn true, impossible miracles. There are also some sleight of hand moves explained in the book that you can execute in real time which I personally found extremely valuable. Overall, this is a fantastic book to improve your video demonstrations and I would highly recommend.