Exposure by Daniel Madison

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  1. Summary

    As with most DM books published there is a lot of good content buried beneath the sometimes cryptic descriptions riddled with spelling errors.

    DM is a master at deception, and that much is clear with this latest release, but it's a little hard to wade through some of the cloak and dagger. It would be better to temper DM's style with a bit more straightforward presentation in the explanations and having a good editor check for spelling and grammar. Because it's really distracting, and I own all of DM's books, it's a consistent flaw that takes away from the quality of the finished product.

    5 stars for content, 1 star for presentation, length, and price, and two stars overall.
  2. Summary

    Really disappointed, like others, the book (call it book is too much is more a Brochure), 40 small pages poorly printed.
    35$ for this is really a robbery (sorry Ellusionist team)
  3. Summary

    Two stars because the content is good, especially if you want to make videos for the internet, or want a quick demonstration.

    I take three stars off as the book is clearly rushed, poorly printed and multiple spelling errors barley going into detail. This is not a $35 book. For such a small booklet with 40 pages this should be $15-20.

    Wait for this book to be updated, and the price reduced, then you'll get you moneys worth.